Friday, February 26, 2010

✏★✩ Flavors of Heaven

From Human Reality
The planets of our solar system will one day become the home residencies on which we will live forever as perfected human beings, according to our individual choice of what makes us the happiest. We made this personal choice long before our solar system was created. This solar system was created to accommodate the choices we made.

If G-D had *PERFECT* technology I guess it is possible  for us to live on Other Planets.    But this goes even deeper than that.  For the Mormons that pressure people and say "Your not going to the Celestial Kingdom (Mormon Heaven)" for Smoking Pot ...

❀ FUCK YOU !!!!   We already made our choice of flavor of Heaven,  and if you snicker at me smoking,  Well get Out I'll live in MY WORLD.   ☠



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