Sunday, February 28, 2010

★✩ Symbiotic Relationships


Symbiotic Relationships

State of the Union for Non-Profits 

Government Funding is Down
Our Projects Helps Non-Profits Raise Funds and Awareness
Volunteerism is UP!
Their are more Volunteers than their ever has been in History! 
We create Project people can rally behing 
Membership is Down
Our Projects help you gain more Members.
Board Membership is Fustraiting 
They do the same old thing every new,  We Help You do something fun and exciting!
Tired Fundraising Tactics
Everything we do is Unique and different. People Mobolize behind change.
Systems are dated
Non-profits have REAL contact Information,  Allowing the Leprechauns to send out REAL Information

What Non-Profits do for Leprechuans

77% PR
           Issue Press releases make media connections for Leprechauns 
76% Internal Communications
             What it is we are doing with them
73% Advertising
             Pay for Advertising for Certain Leprechaun Projects,  Non-Profits are used to doing this sort of thing! 
65% Hospitality
             Giving Leprechauns things that are easy to give,  for sweepstakes or Awards. 
59% Internal Tie Ins
             Tie in an existing project with a Leprechaun Project OR create a Project to tie in with a Leprechaun Project
57% Direct Marketing
             Send out E-mails ,Postcards, and Letters Announcing various Projects.
57% On-site sampling
             Give out stuff at a live event.
55% Sales and Promotional offers
50% Business to Business 
  1. Pay for projects
  2. Email thier Staff, donors, partners,supporters and Volunteers about the Leprechauns.
  3. Feature Leprechuan Projects on thier websites.
  4. Feature Talisman in their newsletters and print publications
  5. Issue press releases for Talisman and arrange media apperaances
  6. Invite Talisman to speak at their fundraisers and conferences
  7. Distribute Leprechaun material and products
  8. Distribute Leprechaun material and products
  9. Use Leprechaun Meditaiton in a sweepstakes
  10.  Roll out Leprechaun Programs to the world
  11. Why we need partners  

  • People don't know Talisman or the Leprechauns but they know established nonprofits and businesses
  • They've already figured out how to serve our audience
  • They've already figured out how to sell to your audience - forget trial and error. 
  • They have a budget
  • They need us,  They have run out of Ideas.
  • We have a Universal Calling to our Esperanto Message 

What do Sponsors and Partners want?

They want alignment with who we are,what we are doing, and the people we(Leprechauns) are trying to reach!
Relevancy, is what the Leprechauns are doing relevent to what they(Sponsors or Partners) are doing !
MANAGEABILITY IS HUGE they have not laid out the program in a way that looks manageable.  The more moving parts the harder it is. KEEP IT SIMPLE!  We are Promoting World Peace Through the Easiest Language to Learn, Esperanto! 
ROI and FB Return on Investment,  They have to see that if they give us a free RV they will make their money back and sell at least 1, "This is a really good idea it makes business sense to us"  FB= in the futuere it makes even more sense for us. in Back end Programs.  What is the Value
COOLNESS and GOODNESS Factor,  We want people to say "This is so COOL!!"  

 Its all about making it easy for them to say "Yes"

 This is what they say they want.

67% Category exclusivity
            If they make cell phones don't sign with 2 cell phone company's
53% On-site signage
            Only half will say I want my name on the banner because Eyeballs are not as important as experences
45% Media buy ID inclusion
            ID = Logo ; We want our Logo in your ad too.
42% Property database access (Names and Address of Attendees)
            This can't be the most sexy thing the leprechauns are doing.
39% Broadcast ad opps
            Want to make sure we do Radio or TV unless we do an ad we can't guarantee the event.
37% ID in collateral materials
            Marketing Materials something attendees get.
35% Property website presence
            They get more Viewers than a Leprechaun.
29% Retail Opps
29% ad in Souvenir Program 
Create awareness and visibility
         (But not eyeballs, Experiences!!)
Increase Funds 
Sample or display the brand product or service
Increase brand loyalty/preference
Create customer experiences
Change or reinforce an image
Differentiate brand from competitors (Thus important for category exclusivity)
Reach a nich market
Showcase social responsibility
Grow Database
Drive retail traffic and sales
Increase Membership dollars
Increase subscriptions
Create brand of choice for reoccurring revenue
Perk employees or customers
Broaden customer base
Break Sales Records
Meet yearly goals
Generate cash to serve more people 

✩★ Projects to get partners and sponsors


Welcome Packets in thier Room
Registration Bags
Opening/ Closing Day
Stage Time
Staging Signage
Presentation Signage
Meals and Receptions
Virtual Exhibit Halls
VIP Hospitality
Closing Ceremony Montage
Staff Shirts
DVD Sponsorship 

Saturday, February 27, 2010



We Provide, an Esperanto/NLP/Hypnosis Stress Relief Educational Program.
We also Provide a 3 week Balloon/Hypnosis/Esperanto 3-D Major Event.  Where you become fluent in a 2nd Language ESPERANTO! 
Welcoming the Launch of The Leprechuan Kings Hypnotherapy Sessions
A Leprechaun Sweepstake
We are going to Build Websites for Esperanto and 
 We are going to Help various Causes Including Esperanto ★✩ One World One Peace.
Kicking of a 40 City Tour of the Leprechaun King 
In no way are we ever going to ask money from non-profits.  Its designed to give money to Non- profits


Friday, February 26, 2010

✏★✩ Flavors of Heaven

From Human Reality
The planets of our solar system will one day become the home residencies on which we will live forever as perfected human beings, according to our individual choice of what makes us the happiest. We made this personal choice long before our solar system was created. This solar system was created to accommodate the choices we made.

If G-D had *PERFECT* technology I guess it is possible  for us to live on Other Planets.    But this goes even deeper than that.  For the Mormons that pressure people and say "Your not going to the Celestial Kingdom (Mormon Heaven)" for Smoking Pot ...

❀ FUCK YOU !!!!   We already made our choice of flavor of Heaven,  and if you snicker at me smoking,  Well get Out I'll live in MY WORLD.   ☠


★✩ Imagine Today

Thursday, February 25, 2010

✩★ ❀ Dear Pot Dealer

Dear Pot Dealer I have a Gift and Loyalty program for your Pot Business.  And a way to make a little bit more money.

First time I meet you I will give you $100 in Coupons.
These coupons currently have no Money value other than the paper it is printed on.

When you want to sell a coupon to your Customers
         (Or Create an incentive for consumer loyalty and repeat shopping)
          I say sell because you are literally selling them  $1 coupons that they can
          Redeem from you later after they have acquired an amount to your satisfaction (like $10 in coupons)

You will give these coupons out as a thank you for shopping with you.

Initial a Numbered coupon stub along with your Customers Initials. rip the ticket and give them that coupon

Bring that coupon stub back to me  Why?
I Keep track of the Coupons not used in 6 months. after they have been Initialed by you.
I then have the option of purchasing and redeeming Expired coupons from you at a very low rate.
This is called Factoring,

I only sell the coupons for the printing price.

In addition if you register yourself with a Doctor you then have the ability to
register each of your customers with a doctor and each Coupon will have the ability
to Hold BOTH the Doctors information.  Giving you more Legall ability not having to
look over your shoulder all the time.

And when the time comes to Purchase Pot each Dollar will also have the ability to register
exactly what type of pot it is how it is grown etc

✩★ ❀ Company Crash

✩★ ❀ Company Crash

How about I go and Print up Hundreds of $1 coupons for Pot 6 Months from now.

Each Coupon actually looks like a ticket.

I give these tickets out to the Dealers on the street.

I tell them I am in the Pot  Commodities Business and I am financing a Grow Op from the bottom up.

Each time you want to give a $1 Pot Coupon to someone Have them Initial the Stub,
Tell them You can claim this $1  In $50 Groups.

I will then Register that you sold $1 for an "Insured continued relationship" with your customers.

When they Claim the $50

Honor your Deal of the coupon.

There will be slack a certain percentage of the Coupons will not be Claimed.

Dan Buys $50 in Coupons From Talis, 
       Talis will trade Each dollar back into cash 1 year from now,  
       So Talis only charges for the Printing and Time involved

Dan GIVES Joe and Jill $1 IN pot
Joe SAVES his $1 To $50 and Claims it in 1month.
1 year from now Jills Coupons Expire Leaving the Ability for Talis to PURCHASE 
these Unaccounted $1
Dan CLAIMS $50 from the Initialed Joe'd coupons, Talis does not have to.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

✩★ ❀ = I like Pot

★ ❀  = I like Pot

I think  I saw the Orange County Judge that grandma worked for  In court talking to other judges 
on Medical Marijuana.

There are 2 Problems with Medical Marijuanna 
First where do you go?  You need a public facility one that can be held accountable for it's actions.
Although it need's to be able to perfom.

It's not a good idea to send patients out looking for Dealers that can't account for where and how the
Pot has been treated.

A good Idea is to API the Growers and the Distributors.

For instance.  Dan is a Pot grower.  He goes to this website 

He Registers He gets a unique username and password.   He then 
registers some unique data on how is grow is implemented.

Like Hydroponic or Outdoor.
If Outdoor List all agents like fetalizer used
If Indoor List Agent's Used and Grow Schedule (the timing of the Lights)

And Curing Method

The Grower Then has the Ability to give out a Unique Numbers to the Organizations that 
acquire his product. and Unique Numbers for every Batch of Pot

The Organizations or the Dispensary's Also Register for a Unique Number and this Number 
influences a Number that get's attached to Every sale.

The User of this Pot is then Encouraged to Rate the pot he has bought there can be 
several questions that help rate Indico vs Sativia qualities.

The data is then aggregated for anyone to use including the pot owners. 

The Goal is to receive REAL scientific data (Data a Doctor's and Users. is interested in)

I think it would be nice to be able to Go online and see How my pot is grown (I don't need to know who -Hence the anonyomous API)

In addition Each Distributor can ask questions about the previous pot that the user has purchased.

A Grower Will sign up for this service because the grower can still be anonymous yet he can use the 
feedback to fine tune his growing operation.  With new information from the grower.

I think we can Come up with a verifiable solution to provide "quality assurance"  for Mota.

There are many things you can do with access to so many eyeballs.
You can have the Dispensary's pay a monthly fee.   Like the BBB
OR it can be Free as a showing of what our Company can do

Although there is a second problem...  

I think the current dispensary's are taking advantage of the *Black Market* price.
That pisses me off

If we can show as if we where making something as simple as balloons.  Exactly ALL the cost's
and detail the technicalities of growing pot --  it so simple a child can understand 
 We will come up with Prices of pot so low It would Revolutiontize the Industry.

It is not hard to Legally Grow Pot as a Primary Caregiver.   The API program will also be able to integrate a Legitimate 
way on how to account for Patience (Legally In california I can grow x number of plants (33 ithink) but I sign that over to 
the dispencary which signes it over to the grower)  There should be a way everyone can still be safe (or Anonymous) and still
track and Keep everything legal.   (MORE LEGALL than anything going on today)  

The API will know how many patients there are and who get's credit for there growing.

You don't want certified growers to also sell on the street do you?

I think it's a very technical question that if you thought real hard and is able to help create paperwork we might be
able to Produce a Grow House.   
I have the Street Knowledge.

You would have the ability to prove that it's scientific and we are cooperating above and beyond  after all we take 
pride in our Quality.  

If we can technically the cost of Pot.   We will be able to get funding or even Pre-sell it like Commodities.

We can Have a good life.  We Just need to give the world a solution to a problem.

We don't even have to Grow the Pot.   We Technically just Provide Franchises of the Very Best
White Market Pot.


☯♬★ Fireflies teach me How to Dance

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

★✩Pipi Ŝtrumpolonga 4

Pipi 1
Pipi 2

pipi 3 

★✩♬ Message In the Bottle

I had an Awesome Vision In a Cab ride while the driver Played a Version
of this song.

The Vision I had was my search for GOD,  Thanks this song has brought me closer to him.

Who else Is Sending SOS Signals?

This song is just FUN!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

✩★✩ 3-D Reality Show

Look I know my life is not that interesting. but when you Consider That I have
a certain Magical influence over Every Balloon and All Pot, I have the ability
to GROW money from thin air, Just ask my lawyer from my Blog.

I have Demonstrated My ability to be King. If I had $1 million dollars "WHich I
will Earn" I want DIVINE!!! Fucking Information on How to cure the Homelessness
situation and so forth in Isla Vista CA.

I also Want a Temple In IV. The old Foot Patrol

I have Relationships with KEY members in IV and If I can prove I can WALK THE
WAY That is good.

I might be able to prove that I am indeed a TRUE Leprechaun KING.

If you only knew of the Pun's in my Life. My Money COmes straight from John

I know a Rabbi (that i think is the Maschiach that would be able to provide
Heaven from a Kosher Prospective to eveyrone on earth.

Right now EVIL is taking his ability to share Light and Knowledge and Usefull
skill to this world.


★✩ True Milito

OK Have you seen

Todd Neufeld
The Twisted Balloon Company, LLC
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Work phone: 212-748-9798
Toll free phone: 1-800-505-8947
Fax: 206-495-6567
Toll free fax: 1-800-963-2963

He is my Lawyer,  jes he is a Copywrite Attorney Also..

I have asked him for some Technical information that will be able to allow
me to Produce a MIRACLE to the best of my ability.

Remember I pray  to ST.Mark.


How Big of an Event, How much Money How much Energy is a Miracle? 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My words are a matter of Pride. 

Wer'e talking about Kings and successions.

★✩ Pipi 3

Pipi 1
Pipi 2


★✩ Ŝerco

This is a prank where this guy rigged a remote controlled motorbike with a skeleton driving the bike that has a loudspeaker attached to it. The guy hides across the street from a walled cemetery and when people walk by it at night, he sneaks up on them and scares the heck out of them.

You dont even need to hear it in English to be bloody funny !

Dankon Patron!
Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

★✩ Google + Klanestro

Mi estas numero uno en serĉas "Klanestro" kun Google

Mi ne jam en unua listoj por "Talisman" Bedaŭri.


The One Show does Esperanto ★✩

In a Cab today,  the Russian Cab drivers Mom is Fluent in EO

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

☯★ Biggie Smalls - 10 Crack Commandments [remix]

Biggie Smalls - 10 Crack Commandments [remix]

Hey I signed your online thingy.   I don't know what's going on but I think you guys are High on your own Supply–10+Crack+Commandments+remix

I mean really?  Why are some Calling Chris Hyrum?  EVEN IF i did believe in reincarnation,  You are You.

Leperchaun King

I Bet you That one person can change the world in a *POSITIVE* way I have not met President Obama But I bet you that when I do meat him I will value him as a Nice Guy.    Hell Maybee he is the Mashiach ( I'll tell you when I get an e-mail from Moses{} "Can President Obama be the Mashiach?" )

To the original intent Unless *The Light of the Moon*  Comes out with technology ,  Nobody will care.

When I say Technology is something useful to us NOW!

I Also Bet that I can Make a BIGGER DENT in the world than Christopher Mark Nemelka.

I live in Las Vegas   Let's get a formal bet going on.

I Bet that I can affect More Lives as Talis in a more PHYSICAL WAY than Christopher Mark Nemelka can DREAM of.

I Really only want your Opinion as a group of the Prauge Manifesto as it is the Core Idea of Esperanto- a REAL way peace is going to happen.

--- In, Dennis Richmond wrote:
> And your question is . . . what?
> ________________________________
> From: Talis
> To:
> Sent: Tue, February 16, 2010 7:06:12 PM
> Subject: [marvelousworkandawonder] The Prague Manifesto
> The Prague Manifesto was elaborated in 1996, during the international esperanto congress in Prague. There lie the main goals which the esperanto movement gave itself. The Quebec Esperanto Society subscribes to these goals, and promotes Esperanto for the achievement of those.
> We, members of the worldwide movement for the promotion of Esperanto, address this Manifesto to all governments, international organizations and people of good will; declare our unshakeable commitment to the objectives set out here; and call on all organizations and individuals to join us in working for these goals.
> For more than a century Esperanto, which was launched in 1887 as a project for an auxiliary language for international communication and quickly developed into a rich living language in its own right, has functioned as a means of bringing people together across the barriers of language and culture. The aims that inspire the users of Esperanto are still as important and relevant as ever. Neither the worldwide use of a few national languages, nor advances in communications technology, nor the development of new methods of language teaching is likely to result in a fair and effective language order based on the following principles, which we hold to be essential.
> Any system of communication which confers lifelong privileges on some while requiring others to devote years of effort to achieving a lesser degree of competence is fundamentally antidemocratic. While Esperanto, like any language, is not perfect, it far outstrips other languages as a means of egalitarian communication on a world scale.
> We maintain that language inequality gives rise to communicative inequality at all levels, including the international level. We are a movement for democratic communication.
> All ethnic languages are bound to certain cultures and nations. For example, the child who learns English learns about the culture, geography and political systems of the English-speaking world, primarily the United States and the United Kingdom. The child who learns Esperanto learns about a world without borders, where every country is home.
> We maintain that education in any language is bound to a certain view of the world. We are a movement for global education.
> Only a small percentage of foreign-language students attain fluency in the target language. In Esperanto, fluency is attainable even through home study. Various studies have shown that Esperanto is useful as a preparation for learning other languages. It has also been recommended as a core element in courses in language awareness.
> We maintain that the difficulties in learning ethnic languages will always be a barrier for many students who would benefit from knowing a second language. We are a movement for effective language learning.
> The Esperanto community is almost unique as a worldwide community whose members are universally bilingual or multilingual. Every member of the community has made the effort to learn at least one foreign language to a communicative level. In many cases this leads to a love and knowledge of several languages and to broader personal horizons in general.
> We maintain that the speakers of all languages, large and small, should have a real chance of learning a second language to a high communicative level. We are a movement for providing that opportunity to all.
> The unequal distribution of power between languages is a recipe for permanent language insecurity, or outright language oppression, for a large part of the world's population. In the Esperanto community the speakers of languages large and small, official and unofficial meet on equal terms through a mutual willingness to compromise. This balance of language rights and responsibilities provides a benchmark for developing and judging other solutions to language inequality and conflict.
> We maintain that the wide variations in power among languages undermine the guarantees, expressed in many international instruments, of equal treatment regardless of language. We are a movement for language rights.
> National governments tend to treat the great diversity of languages in the world as a barrier to communication and development. In the Esperanto community, however, language diversity is experienced as a constant and indispensable source of enrichment. Consequently every language, like every biological species, is inherently valuable and worthy of protection and support.
> We maintain that communication and development policies which are not based on respect and support for all languages amount to a death sentence for the majority of languages in the world. We are a movement for language diversity.
> Every language both liberates and imprisons its users, giving them the ability to communicate among themselves but barring them from communication with others. Designed as a universally accessible means of communication, Esperanto is one of the great functional projects for the emancipation of humankind -- one which aims to let every individual citizen participate fully in the human community, securely rooted in his or her local cultural and language identity yet not limited by it.
> We maintain that exclusive reliance on national languages inevitably puts up barriers to the freedoms of expression, communication and association. We are a movement for human emancipation.
> Prague, July 1996
> ★✩

✩★ Leprechaun Inici

To Initiate a Leprchaun
Al inici unua leprechaun unua bezonas

One needs to get attention.
preni atento

find a public demonstration and
get the most attention as legally possible.

Then Get Sponsors of this Public Demonstration.
Much like one gets sponsors for a Marathon.

The Money Raised will go to a Las Vegas Esperanto Event,  Giving free access to Children.  With HUNDREDS of Balloon Artists.   With a Potential *TAKEOVER* of qualatex the Major Balloon Manufacture.

   Esperantizing qualatex  is good a symbiotic relationship between Esperanto and the Balloon Community.  Qualatex would be able to have more read literature that helps Balloon Companies and Esperanto would welcome the new users.

More to Come...   ★✩

★✩ pipi2


Monday, February 15, 2010

★✩ Mi pensis ke

Mi pensis ke , Lernado Esperanton estas tre Bonega, sed ĝin lernanto basikoj komunikado.
I think Learning Esperanto is Very Good because it forces you to learn the basiks of communication.

Mi lernis kaj mi lernos pri ĝardenado vortoj sur
I have learned and will learn about gardening words from

Mi ankaŭ lernas pri malbona vortoj sur
I also have learned bad words from

(Laboras = continued work)

Mi pensas ke ol mia blogo bezonas plu typoj de mi en Esperanton.

mi studi eble tricent minutoj per tago. sed mi volas pri "Emersion" en angla por mia studanton.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

☯★True Meaning of *CHURCH* in Today's English

Re: True Meaning of *CHURCH* in Today's English


3. used to express agreement, to replace amen!

2. church 428 up, 206 down
Strongly Agree, as if it were law.
Player 1: "Look at the junk in her trunk, I'd tap that ass"
Player 2: "Church!

church 280 up, 210 down
Church accaully means a group of people that follow god.

Jesus never mentioned the church as a building in the bible.
"Man I love the church, they've helped me out heaps!"

"Yeah, the church is helping out the homeless people this week"

is synonymous with the word peace. said when leaving someone or some group's
yo man, i am out of here. church.

A building that brainwashes people
Don't go it that church! XD

To agree with when someone speaks the truth. Can be used in place of word.
"Man, work freaking BLOWS!"

goodness; "all is good"; favorable; great, wonderful terrific; also cool
{excellence}; phat
Used to denote a favorable position or announcing/recognizing the goodness of an
action or being
Alex's new stereo system is church.
At the party, Matt was looking church.
Veronica enjoyed some church beef jerky.

A word response that is used when you believe something that someone else is
saying or has said to be truth.
Tom: "The economy is in the shitter right now."

Kara: "Church!"


Code word for teens to get with their friends and smoke weed.
*teacher walks by*
"so we still on for church this weekend"?
"you bet".


Monday, February 1, 2010

★✩ My Altar to God

My Alter to God is Made out of Leprechaun Magic. (Steve Jobs is a Leprechaun Whether he likes it or not - DEAL WITH IT :)
It consist of the *IDEAS* and physical-ness of.
  1. MacBook Pro 2.53 dual Gigahertz
  2. OpenOffice
  3. VideoCue
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Kurso de Esperanto
  6. Ingenius2
  7. TextWrangler
  8. Skype
  9. Tweetie
  10. Itunes
  11. Git
  12. Quicktime

This is the Table that is before my Lord.


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