Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear Brian

Dear Brian,

I owe you an apology and here it is.
I am sorry that I called the Foot Patrol that day, and that the mental health lady took you back into the hospital. I am sorry that you missed the conference. I will help you get all your money refunded when you are back in town.
Brian, I was worried about you. Three people told me that you were not acting like your usual self that morning, and that you had taken one of the church toys from the yard to another place. After I talked to you, you were so angry that I thought someone might hurt you again. So I called the Foot Patrol so they could talk to you. The Foot Patrol called CARES, and the mental health lady made the decision to send you to the hospital. I did not make this decision, it is not what I wanted to have happen.
You can call me Thursday or Friday if you want, or you can email me. Brian, I am your friend, and I will not call the Foot Patrol on you again without your permission. Jill


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Brian Carpenter
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Please listen to my music while you read this

Dear Jill, I am willing to accept any challenges GOD throws at me, True be it yours was the most difficult in the world to escape. I know you love me, and I know that you love god. Please let all other stupid information stay stupid or better yet heal somebody close to you, maybe Nicki; She thinks and well thinking is hard don't you think?

Is it OK with you that I post your Apology On my blog? I think you got something to say.

listen to some music

I don't know If I can Get the money back Legally I paid for it and just did not attend. By the way I new I was going away when I saw a dead lizard.

I read god like Music.

The only reason why GOD told me to move the toy boat to the Mormon Institute was; well, their confused you choose.
I love our girl !!!

Your the Almond Queen, Father Time say's It must be good.

To be honest I think it a NLP loop. that's something under Hypnosis.

This lady is teaching me how to write a Childrens screenplay

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Riddle of the Sphinx

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx sat outside of Thebes and asked this riddle of all travelers who passed by. If the traveler failed to solve the riddle, then the Sphinx killed him/her. And if the traveler answered the riddle correctly, then the Sphinx would destroy herself. The riddle:

What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?

Oedipus solved the riddle, and the Sphinx destroyed herself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want to sue

I think I can prove that STBridgets and ST Athanasius is in a conspiracy to keep me down. They don't want me to succeed. Any time they as Father John, Jill Wallerstead, and Nicky just want to keep me homeless, believing their own bullshit and projections. I don't know what they think All I know is the way each person treats me is of great deal of ranges. I try to not care as much but most defiantly the ones that piss me off the most are the ones close to the "System" Since my life is about knowing the truth, primarily about god. is that i am either proving with my life, that A. I've been Hypnotized or Mind Rapped by The Sealed Portion, And know that I do tell people about it and they don't understand it's value. I have even talked to a popular mormon blogger about it and he has not returned my e-mails. Why in Virgina mormon people have to teach about why the bible just isn't enough communication with god. OK Technically Sueing is against the teachings of Moroni, But why then did the translator of it sue the LDS church? is it because you can sue Company's? If that is the case I want to sue Peter Benidict, with being my payee, and not helping me a bit. I asked Him a month ago for money and he has not givin to me, I don't know why my own payee can't and is fact hurting me by letting me starve. FUck you to the System and I want to sue God, But I cant do that directy So I's Sue the saint's So find somebody that has used a Saint Talisman. you know a picture or name of a saint. we can sue those guys. Nah, How about suing balloon animals. I don't know but help me sue in a comical way, a way in which everybody and expesially the media something they want to talk about

But in reallity why the fuck do I have to starve when I do in fact have Social Security

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Illegal Meditation Practice

My Illegal Mediation

God has taught me a meditation practice that is so unusual that it is Illegal in my local community, It is so unusual that these “good catholics” send me to the mental hospital every single time that I meditate. They send me to the mental hospital because they don't understand the nature of my communion with god, these people think they know the nature of god to the extent that they use every single control practice to get me to stop my communion with god. The reason why I meditate is to receive inspiration and guidance from above. However when I start these mental exercise's somebody thinks that I need to go to the mental hospital. Let me clarify a little bit this meditation that I practice in no way harms myself or others. I want to know why I get sent to a psychiatric facility every time I start this unusual mediation. I have no idea why I get sent to a place where they inject their particular brand of poison into my body.

I have been raped not with someones actual dick, but with a symbolic dick called a needle. Every time I go to Vista Del Mar (a psychiatric facility in Ventura) they automatically give me a shot, In fact the last time I went I wrote a grievance and as a direct result of writing that grievance the hospital staff raped me with their needles.

I have been dealing with psychiatrists since I was in first grade. They LOVE using me as a test subject for their own pride. Every psychiatrist or psychologist that I have met has their own idea of my mental condition. When I was young my parents did not give me the choice of wether I can take these poisonous drugs that make me different in a way that I don't like. Today I am 27 years old and the people that are “shepherds” are still projecting their personal belief system regarding drugs on me to the extent that when I meditate they call the cops, then they automatically send me to PHF or Vista Del Mar. And they VIOLATE THE RULES. Again in no way was I endangering myself or others when I meditate.

The first time I can prove that my meditation is illegal in a court of law was when Delina called the cops after I watched the movie Lilo and Stich. If you don't know the moral of that story it is very simple, god will not teach you ultimate power, unless you humble yourself and can prove that you will use your magical powers in a way that benefits the whole community. So after watching Lilo and Stich I started to practice my meditation, I could have stopped but the spirit was so strong that I did not want to loose it. When the cops came I was quite peaceful and was not practicing. I even had a conversation with the cops that they where very interested in. I practiced my meditation in front of the cop car, because I knew one day I would have to subpoena these cops in a court of law. In addition because I have been tagged with bipolar disorder the ambulance was called before anybody could logically asses my behavior as dangerous. What I am saying is because I have been bagged and tagged the people in authority automatically send me to the hospital without proving anything.

This last time that I went to the hospital REALLY pisses me off. To me food is the most spiritual thing that exists. Jill Wallersted is a good catholic that really pisses me off. Every time she tries to help me she ends up damaging me and whatever I may have. The day before I went to the hospital this last time I was eating the breakfast that they have for the homeless community, then she sat down across the table from me and said that she was worried that I was not taking the medication. GOD DAMMIT I WAS!! the energy she was projecting at me at that time was so strong that I cussed at god and left my breakfast their. I took my dog and left.

Now she knew that I had spent some money to go to San Francisco to go to a twitter marketing convention. And quite frankly she wanted me to stay homeless and not go, she made sure of it by meeting me in MY PARK and sat me down and she still was trying to project her authority over me. After she sat down and after she voiced her concerns about my medication (which I think is her transference of her religion) , she sat down at a bench while I stayed standing and I told her STOP PUTTING YOU DICK IN MY MOUTH, I banged on the table and said STOP PUTTING YOUR DICK IN MY MOUTH. Then I left.

I went to another park in IV where I met a fellow monk, it was a very good conversation that fit the theme of the day. Then a cop named Kristina Rauchus came by because Jill Called the cops on me. And well she said things to me that let me to believe that she wanted to be my friend. She even offered to by me coffee and talk every Wednesday morning. Then true evil came. Some bullshit mental health worker came to “asses” me, but she did absolutely nothing of the sort In fact she called the ambulance before even getting to know anything about anything. I refused to talk to her directly because she did not give a shit about my true mental condition. I don't know how she was trained but can someone tell me how she assessed anything about me when I was having a good calm talk with Kristina, a god damn COP while the mental lady was there witnessing this NORMAL conversation.

I define rape as sticking a unwelcome object inside my body. The very first thing that Vista Del Mar Does to me is Stick 2 needles and some drugs into me. They don't watch or asses me or anything. Now I wrote a grievance and not more than 2 minutes after I turned in the grievance they gave me 2 more shots in the ass. I know it was some kind of sick retribution for writing that grievance. If that does not piss you off and help you realize that misconduct is happening and costing taxpayers money I don't know what will.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Balloon Fundraiser

As the Leprechaun King, I want to do the biggest Balloon event ever held. I am talking about releasing 2 million biodegradable balloons up into the universe. Each balloon represents a child's departure from this world. Currently I am looking for the cxefourbo or the chief city in which I will do this balloon release. I am also looking for satellite balloon releases. I am looking for schools that want an easy way to provide funds for their local needs. I will walk any organizer step by step on a live video learning website that is the future.

The leprechauns next mission is to get enough volunteers, and paid associates to make this balloon event successful. when the leprechaun's put on events we make it so easy to work its actually fun.

It should only take about 3 months of planning and about 3 weeks of advertising.

Some of the shoes that need filled are organizintoj or organizers, These people are responsible for getting businesses involved with the souvenir program and with the ticket sales team. I have a more in depth book of instructions located in's content section, search for fundraising.

The idea is simple, we contact local business and convince them to buy an Advertisement in the souvenir program, then we use these funds to pay our costs in putting on the event. Then we sell tickets and every ticket sold is profit. The leprechauns are asking %12 of the profit. And I guarantee if you follow my simple outlined plan you will make more without spending any of your own money.

If you have any questions email me at Or search for leprechaun at

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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