Thursday, February 25, 2010

✩★ ❀ Dear Pot Dealer

Dear Pot Dealer I have a Gift and Loyalty program for your Pot Business.  And a way to make a little bit more money.

First time I meet you I will give you $100 in Coupons.
These coupons currently have no Money value other than the paper it is printed on.

When you want to sell a coupon to your Customers
         (Or Create an incentive for consumer loyalty and repeat shopping)
          I say sell because you are literally selling them  $1 coupons that they can
          Redeem from you later after they have acquired an amount to your satisfaction (like $10 in coupons)

You will give these coupons out as a thank you for shopping with you.

Initial a Numbered coupon stub along with your Customers Initials. rip the ticket and give them that coupon

Bring that coupon stub back to me  Why?
I Keep track of the Coupons not used in 6 months. after they have been Initialed by you.
I then have the option of purchasing and redeeming Expired coupons from you at a very low rate.
This is called Factoring,

I only sell the coupons for the printing price.

In addition if you register yourself with a Doctor you then have the ability to
register each of your customers with a doctor and each Coupon will have the ability
to Hold BOTH the Doctors information.  Giving you more Legall ability not having to
look over your shoulder all the time.

And when the time comes to Purchase Pot each Dollar will also have the ability to register
exactly what type of pot it is how it is grown etc


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