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I am auctioning of Artwork donated by celebrities to help fund the language of peace Esperanto.

In all the Media for the Auction, in the Souvenir Program and in the Art Rephotograph Book it can have
a link and a Full size introduction to Lingq.

We are going to use the money from the Auctions to teach and promote Esperanto in 3 ways:
1. Step language to learning other languages
2.Free School Supplies for classes
3.Winter Esperanto Study: 4 Week subsidized convention

I am interested in Bulk Sales of lingq's for the "Supplies" but before that I want to put together one
killer of an auction.   Everything you donate is considered tax deductible as advertising expense.

I am attempting to do to Esperanto what only Zemenhof has done.

How involved can you be?  I was thinking you could be the Platinum sponsor of the 
Celebrity Art Auction for World Conversation.

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