Wednesday, February 24, 2010

✩★ ❀ = I like Pot

★ ❀  = I like Pot

I think  I saw the Orange County Judge that grandma worked for  In court talking to other judges 
on Medical Marijuana.

There are 2 Problems with Medical Marijuanna 
First where do you go?  You need a public facility one that can be held accountable for it's actions.
Although it need's to be able to perfom.

It's not a good idea to send patients out looking for Dealers that can't account for where and how the
Pot has been treated.

A good Idea is to API the Growers and the Distributors.

For instance.  Dan is a Pot grower.  He goes to this website 

He Registers He gets a unique username and password.   He then 
registers some unique data on how is grow is implemented.

Like Hydroponic or Outdoor.
If Outdoor List all agents like fetalizer used
If Indoor List Agent's Used and Grow Schedule (the timing of the Lights)

And Curing Method

The Grower Then has the Ability to give out a Unique Numbers to the Organizations that 
acquire his product. and Unique Numbers for every Batch of Pot

The Organizations or the Dispensary's Also Register for a Unique Number and this Number 
influences a Number that get's attached to Every sale.

The User of this Pot is then Encouraged to Rate the pot he has bought there can be 
several questions that help rate Indico vs Sativia qualities.

The data is then aggregated for anyone to use including the pot owners. 

The Goal is to receive REAL scientific data (Data a Doctor's and Users. is interested in)

I think it would be nice to be able to Go online and see How my pot is grown (I don't need to know who -Hence the anonyomous API)

In addition Each Distributor can ask questions about the previous pot that the user has purchased.

A Grower Will sign up for this service because the grower can still be anonymous yet he can use the 
feedback to fine tune his growing operation.  With new information from the grower.

I think we can Come up with a verifiable solution to provide "quality assurance"  for Mota.

There are many things you can do with access to so many eyeballs.
You can have the Dispensary's pay a monthly fee.   Like the BBB
OR it can be Free as a showing of what our Company can do

Although there is a second problem...  

I think the current dispensary's are taking advantage of the *Black Market* price.
That pisses me off

If we can show as if we where making something as simple as balloons.  Exactly ALL the cost's
and detail the technicalities of growing pot --  it so simple a child can understand 
 We will come up with Prices of pot so low It would Revolutiontize the Industry.

It is not hard to Legally Grow Pot as a Primary Caregiver.   The API program will also be able to integrate a Legitimate 
way on how to account for Patience (Legally In california I can grow x number of plants (33 ithink) but I sign that over to 
the dispencary which signes it over to the grower)  There should be a way everyone can still be safe (or Anonymous) and still
track and Keep everything legal.   (MORE LEGALL than anything going on today)  

The API will know how many patients there are and who get's credit for there growing.

You don't want certified growers to also sell on the street do you?

I think it's a very technical question that if you thought real hard and is able to help create paperwork we might be
able to Produce a Grow House.   
I have the Street Knowledge.

You would have the ability to prove that it's scientific and we are cooperating above and beyond  after all we take 
pride in our Quality.  

If we can technically the cost of Pot.   We will be able to get funding or even Pre-sell it like Commodities.

We can Have a good life.  We Just need to give the world a solution to a problem.

We don't even have to Grow the Pot.   We Technically just Provide Franchises of the Very Best
White Market Pot.



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