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Too Much Government > Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning Economist
An appropriately privatized society would look like a society in which the total income of society about 10 to 12% is going through government. And it’s going through government to pay for certain really basic functions. To finance the judicial system, to provide for the defense of the country for armed forces. To provide for law and order, police, fire, not necessarily fire protection that can be done privately as it has been done. And to provide for truly hard cases – indigent - those would be the main functions.
We are far from achieving the kind of society in which government is engaging only in what I regard as a proper functions of government. In our present society government is spending not 10 or 15% of the national income but in the United States, 40% of the national income. In addition it is indirectly through regulation, rules, mandates directing the spending of about another 10% of national income.
So that the United States which everybody regards as a freest society in the world is half, is 50% socialized. The reason we don’t realize that is because government spends its money so much more inefficiently than private enterprise does. That the 50% of our resources which are being spent by government or directed by government produces a lot less than 50% of our utility.
There are many great things about the world as it is now. We have a great deal of freedom, a great deal of prosperity. But there are enormous problems and the most important of those problems are produced by government, not by the private market. In the United States one of our, certainly one of our major social problems are the slum ghetto areas of our country. The inner cities. And those are a result of government policies. They are a result of the government policy on drug prohibition which largely plays a large part. Of government policies, of government schools which failed to school the children in those areas. Of government policy of welfare which is led to an increase in unwed mothers and illegitimacy.
Those have been the results of governmental policies. In a world in which government wasn’t doing all those things we would not have any inner cities. We would not have the kind of slums that disgrace our society. We would not have the spectacle of two million people, at the moment, in American prisons. That’s a disgrace. And they’re in prisons because government has made a crime of voluntary actions among individuals. Had made a crime of things that should not be a crime.
And in the process has done tremendous harm. In my ideal society that would not be there. Human beings would be free to spend their time, and their efforts and their energy as they wished.
Yes I believe that victimless crime, what are designated as crimes, which are
victimless, have an emotional appeal. Have an appeal to your ethical values. But that they are unenforceable and that trying to enforce, trying to prohibit them does far more harm than good. I think we had one attempt on that with alcoholic prohibition in the 1920’s and early 30’s, it was an enormous failure. I think our attempts to prohibit drugs have been an equally bad failure.
So whatever you think about the ethical value, the ethical appropriateness of government telling people what they should put in their mouth, what actions they should engage in, it doesn’t work. You cannot control people that way. And the results are worse than not doing it
Control Externalities > Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning Economist
The legitimate role for government is in so far as it can to, to control and check negative externalities. But in doing so just as there’s nothing that’s all black and all white there are never clean cases. Because government involvement is itself an externality. Government cannot involve in checking something without imposing costs on somebody. It has to raise money for taxes. It has to interfere with their freedom. And so each case has to be considered more or less as in terms of a balance sheet. Here are the problems, advantage costs, here are the benefits. You need a cost benefit analysis.
And in general it’s only where there are serious externalities where you can really make a case for government involved. And in general also wherever possible government should be involved by setting a fee on the activity concerned. And that is something else that has increasingly developed. You have a markets now in pollution abatement. So that for example in the case of the stream where somebody is putting something in. Your best procedure is to try to impose a charge on the disposition of the garbage rather than to try to regulate the details of how the garbage is disposed of.

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★✩ LIVE ! Talking about James Randi and Christopher Mark Nemelka

★✩ Hypnotists Are not Necessarily Evil.

Myth 5: Hypnosis can make you super-strong, fast or athletically talented.

While hypnosis can be used to enhance performance, it cannot make people stronger or more athletic than their existing physical capabilities.

I think you are confused about my Leprechaun Abilities. I have not come to you to show you my Leprechaun Abilities Rather I am like the Frenchman traveling to Japan to fetch silkworm eggs to bring prosperity to my village.

You guys are the Japanese I am in your "Village" trying to respect your vortoj(words). Don't Fucking criticize MY WORK because I don't have the same IDEAS about SPECIFIC words. SO unless you can speak to me in my Leprechaun Language. (which is 100% nutrall ) I will still study and pay attention to your language. With as much Respect as I can Bear.

Also Read if you want to challenge my Leprechaun Abilities.

Christopher Mark Nemelka IS A HYPNOTIST even if he does not acknowledge himself as one.

Please Don't Challenge my Leprechaun Authority, I am the ONLY Leprechaun that I know of that can bring someone into a state of Trance using my senses and my actions, to a point where they can not feel physical pain. Among Other Things that a Hypnotist can do.


★✩ Christopher Marc Nemelka's Response to the Leprechaun King

> Christopher
> Re: I Am The Leprechaun King!
> Admin
> You've got a small, but rather important problem, Mr. Leprechaun King: You cannot present or write things that speak to the very foundation of human intellect, our common sense.
> Obviously, you have taken no time to read the books associated with this work.
> Therefore, and this is a serious (unlike your treatise of mocking allegory) challenge to your kingship and intellect:
> Let us know your real name and phone number and we will contact you and arrange a friendly debate between you and me. In fact, you can bring your Leprechaun princes, Knights of the Round Table, your sages, and don't forget your talisman.
> But I will just bring me.
> Then let's allow the world to determine which one of us can explain "the things hidden from the foundation of the world" in a way that makes sense. Let's see which of us can solve the mysteries of human reality, of God, of Jesus, of religion itself. Let's see which of us can make sense of what your psychiatrist has determined is your true authority to be crowned king.
> You see, Mr. Carpenter-Leprechaun King, I am here. I can be contacted and seen. I will never avoid the tough questions from critics. I am a real person with real authority and real truth. You, on the other hand are no different from the many prophets of Baal up against which Elijah challenged his authority and knowledge. (It would behoove you and those like you to review the story given in 1 Kings 18.) In fact, because the incident given in the Old Testament is an allegorically presented story to teach a lesson, so I use it to teach you and those like you.
> In order for you to show forth any integrity or courage to back up your claims and warrant any purpose in your mocking of this important work, REVEAL TO THIS WORLD EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE, your given birth name.
> Then,
> Accept the challenge presented to you. (Or at least find someone who will.) Stack your wood high, douse it with water, and then you better stand back! Because when I do what Elijah did, with the same power and authority he had, you also will be consumed by the fire.
> What? Are you afraid?
> Until then, why are you wasting your time?
> I do appreciate, however, your sense of humor.
> P.S. Please, dear critics, refrain from calling me arrogant. There is a big difference between "Elijah," who appeared to be very arrogant, and the "prophets of Baal." When you understand that difference, you will come to understand why I write how I write and say what I say.
> C. :-)


> Dear Brian,
> I think you have been around here before:
>,509,510#msg-510 (Entire content pasted below.)
> I imagine if anyone here wanted to follow your blog on your site, we would. You are free to believe what you want, as we are free to believe what we want. Personally, I believe in this Marvelous Work and a Wonder and that Christopher is who he says he is.
> Monica :0)
> ***********************************


I do not have a phone since I cannot afford one. (I can make outgoing calls through skype however) However I Encourage you to call my Dad at ***-***-**** or his cell at ***-***-****

And I will talk with you as long as you can Bear my Presence.

First of all don't JUDGE ME for using Hypnosis on myself. My Blog is for me, and anybody that want's to view it.

Also I have stated that My Birth Name is Brian Carpenter My Birth Name is Brian Scott Carpenter, My Social Security Number is ***-***-****. I am a Magician, and a Hypnotist. NOT A PROPHET as Joseph Smith Claims to be. Everybody that know's me knows this.

Am I saying that I can do something another Humans Cannot?

Are you the only one that can bring forth "STORIES" to help understanding? (Even if it was for myownself)

Do you know how someone becomes a Leprechaun King? Unless you can prove to The Cop's in Isla Vista, That a Human Cop (Sorry I forgot that particular assholes true name, Although it would not be hard to find. :) Printed out a paper and signed it Declaring Me the Leprechaun King.
What else am I supposed to believe? I can't prove that I'm not the Leprechaun King. And the Top Cop in IV Has given me paperwork that say's I am.

You say I have not read the SP or 666 - QUIZ ME!!!
I have not memorized it, But I have read it and Still Believe in it %100 (even more now that I have been able to get a response from you)

(although the Stork King Lives in Isla Vista so does Father Time and Mother Earth, the Wizard and Father John. )

That does not mean I am able to reveal the true Identity of Others.

Brian Scott Carpenter
Aka Talisman
Aka Leprechaun King.

Do do Legal Reason that my Lawyer has brought to my attention, I have Removed my SSN.
the government computers think you are working and could cancel your disability benefits. You could also be sued or become responsible for debts run up by others. 1-2-2010

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★✩ James Randi VS Christopher Marc Nemelka

Christopher Marc Nemelka Claims that He is a Prophet of G*d, He Claims that he has the same or similar prophetic abilities as someone like Moses Joseph Smith, Peter, John the Revelator, and Other Prophets of G*D.

He however does not advocate a Religion. He does however have claims that he was able to bring forth knowledge from more than what a normal human has.

One of his claims is that he has the Umim and Thumumm a device that is more advanced than a computer.

Christopher Mark Nemelka also Claims to have his "dendrites" Open or in some way more developed than the rest of us.

Furthermore Christopher Marc Nemelka also Challenges anyone to his "work".

James Randi is a Magician that uses his "Common Sense" to find the TRUTH about Psychics and other Peoples with More+than+human abilies. In fact James Randi also has a challenge that has much more "real world" weight.

James Randi's Million dollar Challenge

So why has Christopher not already taken James Randi's offer. Don't Bullshit with me and say he doesn't know about Jame's offer.

The Answer is that Chris is allergic to Money . If he does anything for Money his powers will be sucked out of him.

this is a legitimate "kryptonite" .

But I don't think James Randi is testing the claims of the supernatural for *ONLY* the money. I'm sure that thier can be a way that *BOTH* challenges can be challenged.

I AM NOT ASKING HIM TO CUT HIS ARM OFF AND PUT IT BACK ON . Any stupid Magician can do that!

However James Randy does not Test Spiritual or Religious Beliefs
2.5 Why can’t I submit a religious or spiritual claim?

Because they are, for the most part, untestable. For example, you can look at a series of events – say surviving an automobile crash, surviving a plane crash, surviving a near-drowning and say “This was the hand of God,” but the point of the Challenge isn’t to give anecdotal evidence. It is to give something testable. Most religious people believe it’s impossible to test God. We’re pretty sure they’re right, though perhaps for different reasons

BUT Chris is not advocating a religion in any way, Maybe Spiritual Beliefs. But he has said a couple of things that "ARE" testable.

RE: James Randi
The things that should be able to be proven without interference from the "GODS";
1. does he posses advanced technology (Urum and Thummum)
Is it Possible to "Prove" though science that 1 author wrote a book 1500 years ago, and 1 man was able to "translate" 1/3 of that book (Joseph Smith). then 150 or more years latter another man was able to "translate" the other 2/3.

It should be technically possible to find out if the Original Author is the same given 2 different data sets. without the Source Material. Much the same way as

A + B = C
A = B -C
B = A - C

Given the Source Material is Agreed to be "theGoldenPlates" by the 2 translators. Imagine it is possible through science that an author is the author of 2 different translated works. How does this "prove with common sense" that Christopher has abilities that he would not have without interference from more Advanced Beings?
Well I guess if I was a computer I would have no concept of the social "weight" of the source material. Nor would the ideas in the "source Material" influence my proofometer.

So most likely James Randi won't come up with a "test" for Christopher Marc Nemelka, HOWEVER I CHALLENGE ANY MORMON OR ANTI MORMON in "Talismans" Test. However Logic can *Proof* something that may be considered Supernatural in of itself.

Lets play around with variables a little bit.

Lets Assume that we can prove that Joseph Smith translated A BOOK from some source material (another book) (Is it possible to prove one translated a book?)

Imagine I was writing a computer program to figure out the relationship between the Golden Plates, Joseph Smith and Chris Nemelka

Function $goldenplates
Book of Mormon = DATA
Sealed Portion = DATA
Authors =HumanID( Nephi, Mormon and Moroni)

$JosephBOM = 'Book of Mormon' FROM $goldenplates ;
$ChrisSealedPortion = 'Sealed Portion' FROM $goldenplates ;

If $JosephBOM->Authors == $ChrisSealedPortion->Authors
'Christopher Marc Nemelka' has same Calling as 'Joseph Smith'

Simply put If you can proof that the source material comes from the same author(s) you can proof that Christopher Marc Nemelka has the same Calling (which is currently undefined to the computer) as Joseph Smith.

Don't tell me that does not get Honest Seekers of the truth excited.


I am sure there is much more sophisticated programs out there that can tell you more metadata about 2 books


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2010 will be the year that education stopped hiding from the Internet #

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