Saturday, February 20, 2010

✩★✩ 3-D Reality Show

Look I know my life is not that interesting. but when you Consider That I have
a certain Magical influence over Every Balloon and All Pot, I have the ability
to GROW money from thin air, Just ask my lawyer from my Blog.

I have Demonstrated My ability to be King. If I had $1 million dollars "WHich I
will Earn" I want DIVINE!!! Fucking Information on How to cure the Homelessness
situation and so forth in Isla Vista CA.

I also Want a Temple In IV. The old Foot Patrol

I have Relationships with KEY members in IV and If I can prove I can WALK THE
WAY That is good.

I might be able to prove that I am indeed a TRUE Leprechaun KING.

If you only knew of the Pun's in my Life. My Money COmes straight from John

I know a Rabbi (that i think is the Maschiach that would be able to provide
Heaven from a Kosher Prospective to eveyrone on earth.

Right now EVIL is taking his ability to share Light and Knowledge and Usefull
skill to this world.



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