Thursday, February 25, 2010

✩★ ❀ Company Crash

✩★ ❀ Company Crash

How about I go and Print up Hundreds of $1 coupons for Pot 6 Months from now.

Each Coupon actually looks like a ticket.

I give these tickets out to the Dealers on the street.

I tell them I am in the Pot  Commodities Business and I am financing a Grow Op from the bottom up.

Each time you want to give a $1 Pot Coupon to someone Have them Initial the Stub,
Tell them You can claim this $1  In $50 Groups.

I will then Register that you sold $1 for an "Insured continued relationship" with your customers.

When they Claim the $50

Honor your Deal of the coupon.

There will be slack a certain percentage of the Coupons will not be Claimed.

Dan Buys $50 in Coupons From Talis, 
       Talis will trade Each dollar back into cash 1 year from now,  
       So Talis only charges for the Printing and Time involved

Dan GIVES Joe and Jill $1 IN pot
Joe SAVES his $1 To $50 and Claims it in 1month.
1 year from now Jills Coupons Expire Leaving the Ability for Talis to PURCHASE 
these Unaccounted $1
Dan CLAIMS $50 from the Initialed Joe'd coupons, Talis does not have to.


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