Tuesday, February 2, 2010

☯★True Meaning of *CHURCH* in Today's English

Re: True Meaning of *CHURCH* in Today's English


3. used to express agreement, to replace amen!

2. church 428 up, 206 down
Strongly Agree, as if it were law.
Player 1: "Look at the junk in her trunk, I'd tap that ass"
Player 2: "Church!

church 280 up, 210 down
Church accaully means a group of people that follow god.

Jesus never mentioned the church as a building in the bible.
"Man I love the church, they've helped me out heaps!"

"Yeah, the church is helping out the homeless people this week"

is synonymous with the word peace. said when leaving someone or some group's
yo man, i am out of here. church.

A building that brainwashes people
Don't go it that church! XD

To agree with when someone speaks the truth. Can be used in place of word.
"Man, work freaking BLOWS!"

goodness; "all is good"; favorable; great, wonderful terrific; also cool
{excellence}; phat
Used to denote a favorable position or announcing/recognizing the goodness of an
action or being
Alex's new stereo system is church.
At the party, Matt was looking church.
Veronica enjoyed some church beef jerky.

A word response that is used when you believe something that someone else is
saying or has said to be truth.
Tom: "The economy is in the shitter right now."

Kara: "Church!"


Code word for teens to get with their friends and smoke weed.
*teacher walks by*
"so we still on for church this weekend"?
"you bet".



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