Tuesday, February 16, 2010

✩★ Leprechaun Inici

To Initiate a Leprchaun
Al inici unua leprechaun unua bezonas

One needs to get attention.
preni atento

find a public demonstration and
get the most attention as legally possible.

Then Get Sponsors of this Public Demonstration.
Much like one gets sponsors for a Marathon.

The Money Raised will go to a Las Vegas Esperanto Event,  Giving free access to Children.  With HUNDREDS of Balloon Artists.   With a Potential *TAKEOVER* of qualatex the Major Balloon Manufacture.

   Esperantizing qualatex  is good a symbiotic relationship between Esperanto and the Balloon Community.  Qualatex would be able to have more read literature that helps Balloon Companies and Esperanto would welcome the new users.

More to Come...   ★✩


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