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Hemp For Victory: Vol. 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop

Hemp For Victory: Vol. 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop: "

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Book Review published on the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute site by Jay Greathouse of

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'Richard M. Davis and the USA Hemp Museum have produced an amazing 250 page book documenting the history and current potential for commercial hemp production called Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop.

This rare voice of sanity lays out the overwhelmingly positive scientific perspective on commercial hemp. As more voices ask for the open dialog long sought by those opposed to the needless waste of the so-called War On Drugs the value of this new book becomes self-evident.

Career politicians prove once again that campaign promises regularly become orphaned IOUs with little likelihood of ever being redeemed. At best they can only follow the lead of knowledgeable citizens and the USA Hemp Museum provides this book for citizens curious about the science regarding commercial hemp.

If we do not allow science to drive policy then policy becomes driven by ideology. History provides ample evidence on the predictable failure of policy driven by ideology.

Science observes nature, the world as we experience it in our daily lives, and constructs organizational systems to aid our understanding of the world and our place in it. These scientific organizational systems remain open to modification as discovered facts dictate.

Ideologies, on the other hand, start not with the facts but with someone’s dreams and fantasies. Facts may never contribute to the process of refining ideologies and if they prove contrary to ideology are conveniently ignored if not outright suppressed.

Disinformation and other forms of creative lying create the illusion of facts that prop up the dysfunctional ideologies that impoverish all of human existence. Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop dispels misleading illusions with such a volume of scientific verifiable facts as to nullify the power of dysfunctional ideologies intended to make us all criminals in our own communities.

What more can we hope than to be freed from burden of lies that only contribute to increasing needless pain, suffering and all too often pointless death at the hand of militarized police agencies?

This freedom can be yours at no cost to you because Richard M. Davis and the USA Hemp Museum now offer Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop as a FREE PREVIEW EBOOK EDITION. Please be advised this is currently a working copy and I do not know what will be its fate with publication of hard copies and the ebook final version becoming available in mid-June, 2009.

Honest factual information can lift the veil of illusion that gives power to ideologies. You can take steps now towards abandoning ideology and embracing science by obtaining your own copy of this book.

By sharing this book you also help to free your friends, family and community from blind obedience to enslaving ideologies. Be informed, it is one essential right you still have the ability to exercise.

Special mention must be made of Brenda Kershenbaum for her brilliant research, Art Director Sherwood Akuna for the stunning series book covers and art work and the awesome Editor, J. Nayer Hardin of Computer Underground Railroad Enterprises.

Disclaimer: We are quoted and mentioned in the book as “great hemp activists.” All I can say is that we aspire to resembling that remark.' (Note: You're awesome, inspiring activists on the hemped path to victory.)


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