Saturday, December 4, 2010

What do Sponsors and Partners want?

They want alignment with who we are,what we are doing, and the people we(Leprechauns) are trying to reach!
Relevancy, is doing things relevent to what they(Sponsors or Partners) are doing !
MANAGEABILITY IS HUGE they have not laid out the program in a way that looks manageable.  The more moving parts the harder it is.

ROI and FB Return on Investment,  They have to see that if they give us a free RV they will make their money back and sell at least 1, "This is a really good idea it makes business sense to us"  FB= in the futuere it makes even more sense for us. in Back end Programs.  What is the Value
COOLNESS and GOODNESS Factor,  We want people to say "This is so COOL!!"

 Its all about making it easy for them to say "Yes"

 This is what they say they want.

67% Category exclusivity
            If they make cell phones don't sign with 2 cell phone company's
53% On-site signage
            Only half will say I want my name on the banner because Eyeballs are not as important as experences
45% Media buy ID inclusion
            ID = Logo ; We want our Logo in your ad too.
42% Property database access (Names and Address of Attendees)
            This can't be the most sexy thing we are doing.
39% Broadcast ad opps
            Want to make sure we do Radio or TV unless we do an ad we can't guarantee the event.
37% ID in collateral materials
            Marketing Materials something attendees get.
35% Property website presence
            They get more Viewers
29% Retail Opps
29% ad in Souvenir Program
Create awareness and visibility
         (But not eyeballs, Experiences!!)
Increase Funds
Sample or display the brand product or service
Increase brand loyalty/preference
Create customer experiences
Change or reinforce an image
Differentiate brand from competitors (Thus important for category exclusivity)
Reach a nich market
Showcase social responsibility
Grow Database
Drive retail traffic and sales
Increase Membership dollars
Increase subscriptions
Create brand of choice for reoccurring revenue
Perk employees or customers
Broaden customer base
Break Sales Records
Meet yearly goals
Generate cash to serve more people


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