Saturday, December 4, 2010

State of the Union for Non-Profits

Government Funding is Down
Our Projects Helps Non-Profits Raise Funds and Awareness
Volunteerism is UP!
Their are more Volunteers than their ever has been in History!
We create Project people can rally behing
Membership is Down
Our Projects help you gain more Members.
Board Membership is Fustraiting 
They do the same old thing every new,  We Help You do something fun and exciting!
Tired Fundraising Tactics
Everything we do is Unique and different. People Mobolize behind change.
Systems are dated
Non-profits have REAL contact Information,  Allowing the people to send out REAL Information

What Non-Profits do for our Show.

77% PR
           Issue Press releases make media connections for the show.
76% Internal Communications
             What it is we are doing with them
73% Advertising
             Pay for Advertising for Certain Talisman Projects,  Non-Profits are used to doing this sort of thing!
65% Hospitality
             Giving things that are easy to give,  for sweepstakes or Awards.
59% Internal Tie Ins
             Tie in an existing project with a Talisman Project OR create a Project to tie in with a Leprechaun Project
57% Direct Marketing
             Send out E-mails ,Postcards, and Letters Announcing various Projects.
57% On-site sampling
             Give out stuff at a live event.
55% Sales and Promotional offers
50% Business to Business
  1. Pay for projects
  2. Email thier Staff, donors, partners,supporters and Volunteers about the Leprechauns.
  3. Feature Leprechuan Projects on thier websites.
  4. Feature Talisman in their newsletters and print publications
  5. Issue press releases for Talisman and arrange media apperaances
  6. Invite Talisman to speak at their fundraisers and conferences
  7. Distribute material and products
  8. Distribute material and products
  9. Use Meditaiton in a sweepstakes
  10.  Roll out Programs to the world
  11. Why we need partners

  • People don't know Talisman but they know established nonprofits and businesses
  • They've already figured out how to serve our audience
  • They've already figured out how to sell to your audience - forget trial and error. 
  • They have a budget
  • They need us,  They have run out of Ideas.


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