Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big 10

1 Does this idea offer a clear,sizable and near-tearm value proposition to us?

Will people "get this" and will there be a substantial and immediate interest from our consumers?

2 Does this idea solve a real problem elegantly?

 Is this a simple and straightforward solution that requires few explanations and hassles?

3 Does this idea fit within our brand strategy and our strategic priorities?

Is this in line with who we are and where we've already aimed our organization this year?

4 Does this idea fit naturally within our culture

Will people accept and own this idea as part of who we are or is it a total stretch that will take years to integrate?

5 Do we have the ability to truly measure and quantify the benefits and results of this idea?

Can we monitor, manage, measure and make reports on our progress so we can see if we're "winning"?
6 Does this idea meet our ideal for ease of implementation?
(Can this idea be easily,effectively, and efficiently implemented in a time frame that makes it worthwile giben our organization's real constraints?)

7 Does this idea help us achieve differentiation in the marketplace?

Is this idea new bold, and different enough to help us become more distinct from our competitors?

8 Is this idea "user friendly"  for our new and current customers?

Is this idea easily adoptable consumed, and accepted by our core customers?

9 Is this idea testable and scalable?

Can we try this idea as a pilot or in "bits" before swallowing it whole?  And if it works can we scale it fast and gain new business this year?

10 Will this idea make our work more fun, cool, passionate and fulfilling?

Will this idea generate true enthusiasm and leave a lasting accomplishment?


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