Thursday, December 16, 2010

Imaginary People Taking over the World !

Imaginary People are Taking over the world!
A Corporation gets away with this because the Organization is recognized as a Single Human Being (person) -  and a few people (with Blood)  tell's these (corporation's) what to do.

And when this person does something "wrong"  exactly who is responsible for the actions?  No One -- (Try to talk to a Cop about something Illegal this person without Blood has done and you will get nowhere,Or you will go to jail just for "annoying the cops")

I would really like to bitch and complain about 2 Bastard Cops Perdia and Biasa in Santa Barbara.  I have been Greatly abused and Taken to jail many times (2 I can prove) that was VERY UNJUST and Unconstitutional.   But when I am spending time in jail - buy the time you see a judge most just want Out.  So Instead of saying Not Guilty and staying in jail for at least 10 more days (most likely more) for my right to Express to the US Goverment I did nothing wrong. I always say "No Contest" and receive my time served and get out later that night.

This has Happens to me a Lot -
The "people" get away with this because (at least these) Cops are Liars - and are on a different plane of thought.  Perdia and Biasa Always Make fun of me (When I'm in Cuffs) and fabricate whatever report they write.  - All they simply have to do is say "Hes Drunk"

THEY NEVER (and Legally Don't Need Too) to actually Check *IF* I am drunk. 
They just need to say it in there report to Arest me. 

AND I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN DRUNK Durring my Arest(s) for Being Drunk

But once you say "No Contest" - JUST TO GET OUT QUICKER - 
You can't go back and say BULLSHIT!!!

Of course If I was Rich - and Could Afford at least $500 per time I was Arrested then I would get bail - then at least someone would actually know that these Cops - Perdia and Biasa Are Tottal Bullies that Don't care about anyone but there Ego and there Bank Account.

These ASSHOLES actually thought I would be in the Right mind (and wanting) to tell a Joke to them and some other Cop.  A few days after they arrested me - While I was waiting for the Judge

I hope we can learn on how to be Good Protestors and Activists - For our sakes. HELLO America is next - (The Tea Party wants Minimum wadge gone...)

The New Rulers of the World from John Pilger on Vimeo.


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