Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hypnosis Show Plan

  • Relationship with National Non-Profit (Working on Red Cross)
    • Help with 3 Press Releases Promoting Talisman's Show and Hit List
    • Organize 2 Days of Promoting a Blood Drive and Talisman's Hit List with the local schools.
  • Negotiate With Gold, Silver and Bronze Regional Sponsors
  • Contact and Gig 40 Shows, (Schools)
    • Production of Project Kit

Talisman's Hit List

Red Cross Please Help us run a celebrity pledge drive (Talisman's Hit List) and raise extra money while promoting a Fund raising event and show at the same time.

People pledge $1 or more to their favorite celebrity at the end of the campaign the celebrity with the most money raised in pledges gets to be Hypnotized!!!

The School gets 50 cents and the Red Cross Get's 50 cents.


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