Monday, December 6, 2010

How do I get Partners and Sponsors?

  1. Pick a Project
  2. Pick a Non-Profit Partner
  3. Pitch the Nonprofit Partner - Call/ meet then email proposal
  4. Pick a Corporate Sponsor
  5. Pitch the Corporate Sponsor  -E-mail pitch,talk, then email prospectus
  6. Collaborate - People Support what they Create
  7. Over Deliver - DELIGHT THEM!
  8. Annualize and Amplify 

The Process 

-Pitch with a brief call or email
-Send 1 page summary
-Get the Live meeting
-Create the proposal collavoratively

The Proposal

-Executive summary (1-2 pages)
-Project Overview
-Talisman's Profile
-Promotion Plan
-Partner/ Sponsor Benefits
-Partner/Sponsor Requests
It's not about what you can deliver right now, It's about what you could deliver *IF* you received the sponsorship you where asking for!!

How to Pick a Project 
Terms < ROI + FB + PD + L
Terms = Time Energy Resources Money Sanity
ROI = Return on Investment
FB = Future Business
PD =  Personal Development or Passion
L = Lifesyle 


Todd @ Startup Crossing said...

I like the formula. When I wrote it down I couldn't remember what the L stood for. I'm glad I was able to find it here.



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