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Kobo , Sony E-Reader, Kindle , Borders, But to me it sound's like Fish(y) or Planned Obsolescence. so See you Later - My Guess on the Kobo Marketing Plan

I knew it would happen and it already did happen.

First let me tell you about when I saw my first true E-Book Reader.

I went to my local bookstore (borders) in 2006 and saw the coolest gadget that I have ever seen.   The first Sony E-Reader.
Here is a reviewer Reviewing the E-reader *

Oct 5 2006
One particular category of portable electronic product which has never been overly successful is the portable e-book reader. Sony is hoping they can gain success where others have failed as they begin to roll out their new Reader Portable Reading System.

I took the brochure home and looked up everything possible about this ُE-Reader and the E-ink company*

Why am I saying this.  Well I read in a professional book(about E-Books no less)  that stated Amazon's Kindle was the first.

And in there defense Amazon was the Pioner in the DRM and how these E-books are Sold.

Why do people think that Amazon was the first true E-reader (with E-ink)? (Amazon released the Kindle First Generation on November 19, 2007)*

Well it's probably Sony's fault. Probably because Sony's DRM is a Bitch.

Back to Borders - When I first say the Sony-E reader I wanted to purchase it and put my very Large Collection of NLP and Hypnosis training manuals on it.

I also found it interesting that the bookstore program on this sony device went to Sony's Bookstore - Not Borders.  Keep in mind I looked at BN for the sony E-reader and they did not sell it.  I could only get it online or at Borders

However maybe it was the Price- Tag  or simply that G*D wanted me to by the Kobo. So I never got my E-reader that I spent so much time Programing myself to be able to afford.

My New Kobo
So Come Nov 2010
I heard new buzz about these E-Reader Devices (and the Price came down on most of them)  So I decided to see if I could get one. So I decided to go to my local bookstore again and "Play" with any Devices that may be still there.

So I played with the new (2) Sony E-Readers, And some devices I never heard of before.  Like the Kobo and the $100 Aluratek

Then I went Right next door to the local Computer shop and Looked at the Nook, and the Kindle.

How Kobo Hooked me In.

Well Yes I am on a Very tight budget so I needed something really inexpensive so in that order the

Aluratek was the first choice.  I wanted it because the page's turn the fastest.  I decided against it because It felt like a toy in my hands. (I was born in '82) And the battery lasts only for 24 hours - Just won't due (Not e-ink)

Kobo was the second choice, Sporting E-ink, (lets support the Early-Adopters for Humanity's sake) and a wonderful price tag ($120)

I liked the way the Nook felt in my hands and prefer the way it changes pages

And the Kindle - I did not plan on buying that many E-books as most of the things I read is a small niche.  And It looked like to me that you would get "stuck" with the Amazon Bookstore and that it may be impossible or very hard to get books on this device that is not from Amazon.

So 3 Days later I cashed a check, Walked to the computer store looked again at the Nook, Kindle and the Sony E-reader (I thought it was here.)  Then I walked to Borders and When I entered the store the E-reader display was different  -  They where promoting there brand new Black Kobo. 

So I went to look at it and the table was different.  There was now only 1 sony reader on the table (without a price tag) and I think the Aluratek and the Black Kobo.

I told the Student that was working that I wanted the Black Kobo. At checkout the Student did something unusual (at least for him)  Borders had him input his Employee information and he said "wow I must get some kind of credit for this"  Do any of you know the reward system for sales of these E-Readers in Borders?

Buyers Remorse - When I actually started to use my brand new kobo I got disappointed that it did not have an MP3 player.  There is a lot of features that these devises had and I know the sony and the Nook plays MP3's.  Doing more research it seems that a review of the Sony's Mp3 program sucks.  And I reminded myself that I chose the kobo over the Nook because the Kobo was thinner (or at least it seems thinner) than the Nook.

Where is the Fish?

In the title of this blog post I say something fishy is going on. First forget Amazon. Lets look at Borders and BN.

BN is putting their full "Weight" on the sales of their Barnes and Noble Nook.

The E-Reader display at borders is small but fitting - on there website they have a widget that tracks through, Kobo, Sony, and Aluratek Devices.

Adobe Software - For the most part I am enjoying the software made by Adobe for the kobo (and the Aluratek)

Kobo bookstore If you have a Wifi Kobo the Wifi is only good for browsing the Kobo bookstore. (no surprise but disappointing) - and to be fair I don't know the programing level needed to be able to surf with it. and to keep the price down on the software they may have developed that specific application

Borders is smelly fishy
Nook,Kindle,Sony-ereader, and Even the Kobo. If you want to buy a book on the device it is through there specialized bookstore.  And you better be sure if you are buying not with the device (like online)  make sure the Formats are in something you can read.  I support the e-pub format because this is the best standard.

Borders was the first to sell a legit E-Reader.  Which means they had to come to some kind of Financial Arrangement with Sony, The questions I have is how did they aquire the "rights" to sell these books? Through Borders?  Does that mean that If I bought a Sony Reader at a Computer store that Borders get's the royalties to my future purchases?

Kobo Bookstore

Kobo is a global eBook retailer backed by Indigo Books & Music, Borders, REDgroup Retail, Cheung Kong Holdings, and other leaders in technology and retail. We believe consumers should be able to read any book, anytime, anywhere, and on the device of their choice
In order to achieve that goal, Kobo is:

We believe open standards for eBooks are best for consumers, publishers, retailers and hardware manufacturers. Closed systems stifle innovation and growth. Kobo proudly supports EPUB and encourages our users to read a Kobo-purchased eBook on their smartphone, Sony Reader, laptop, or whichever device they choose.

 Did Borders partner(or create) the Kobo Bookstore Because Sony was making everything possible to be difficult?

How long will Borders Continue to sell the Sony Devices?  Does Sony give them the same deal as the KoboBookstore ?

I dropped my Kobo and now the battery (I think)  slides around in the bottom if i shake it. No other damage. Could kobo have made the battery bigger?
Are they doing "Planned Obsolescence?"


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