Thursday, September 9, 2010

Richard Dawkins VS Who Created the Creator + The Big Bang + Nemelka

I have read Richard Dawkins God Delusion
and i agree with most of Dawkins theories of why god does not exist, except for the argument against Hoyles Fallacy and the Ultimate Boeing 747 gambit

"probability of life originating on Earth is no greater than the chance that a hurricane, sweeping through a scrapyard, would have the luck to assemble a Boeing 747."

Dawkins Statement
  1. One of the greatest challenges to the human intellect, over the centuries, has been to explain how the complex, improbable appearance of design in the universe arises.
  2. The natural temptation is to attribute the appearance of design to actual design itself. In the case of a man-made artefact such as a watch, the designer really was an intelligent engineer. It is tempting to apply the same logic to an eye or a wing, a spider or a person.
  3. The temptation is a false one, because the designer hypothesis immediately raises the larger problem of who designed the designer. The whole problem we started out with was the problem of explaining statistical improbability. It is obviously no solution to postulate something even more improbable. We need a "crane" not a "skyhook," for only a crane can do the business of working up gradually and plausibly from simplicity to otherwise improbable complexity.
  4. The most ingenious and powerful crane so far discovered is Darwinian evolution by natural selection. Darwin and his successors have shown how living creatures, with their spectacular statistical improbability and appearance of design, have evolved by slow, gradual degrees from simple beginnings. We can now safely say that the illusion of design in living creatures is just that – an illusion.
  5. We don't yet have an equivalent crane for physics. Some kind of multiverse theory could in principle do for physics the same explanatory work as Darwinism does for biology. This kind of explanation is superficially less satisfying than the biological version of Darwinism, because it makes heavier demands on luck. But the anthropic principle entitles us to postulate far more luck than our limited human intuition is comfortable with.
  6. We should not give up hope of a better crane arising in physics, something as powerful as Darwinism is for biology. But even in the absence of a strongly satisfying crane to match the biological one, the relatively weak cranes we have at present are, when abetted by the anthropic principle, self-evidently better than the self-defeating skyhook hypothesis of an intelligent designer.
Number 2 is the focus of this post.  Most if not all believers base a heavy percentage of their beliefs on this principle -- Everything is just to complex for the hole thing to be a major accident.  Atheist say technically it could be an accident and that it's fallacy to say it can't be an accident.  Richard Dawkins and other athiest point out that if it was created who created the creator?

Who Created the Creator? 
I want to point out that “Elohim אֱלהִים ” translated to its most original form, literally means “Gods,” not one, but a plural number. It is the plural version of the Hebrew word “Eloah,” which means “one God." It is a major point in judeo-christian beliefs to be "One with God"  Or Like I like to think of it "
One purpose with God"  Then Christians are pointed to Jesus Christ for an example of How to be one with God.  

Just because the question who created the creator, brings more complexity to the question of Design vs Evolution does not mean that "God" was not Created.  Christopher Marc Nemlka brings light to this by asking What came first the chicken or the egg?  He claims that there have always been chickens and there have always been eggs.

Ok Richard Dawkins here is a thought experiment for you, what happened before the "Big Bang" (assuming that you are like most humans and accept the Big Bang Theory) according to the big bang theory absolutely nothing happens before the big bang - not even time.

God's Time VS Human Time, Quantum Physics and Relativity can do some really funny things with the concept of time.  AND it is PROVEN that time works differently depending on your speed and gravitational forces.  

How come God the son, describes himself as the Alpha and the Omega,  Instead of God the Father?   Because in all the time that Humans have it is Jesus's purpose to be humanities representative to the father,  It is Jesus that understands our time maybe even better than that of the father. 
Christopher Marc Nemelka's book Human Reality   Explains that God the son or Jesus is a "clone" of the father, hence was created after God in chronology. But was his spirit cloned before the Big Bang? (Remember God's first day was separating the "heavens" and the earth.)  

deification [ˌdiːɪfɪˈkeɪʃən ˌdeɪ-]
1. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the act or process of exalting to the position of a god
2. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) the state or condition of being deified
 At least the Greek Orthodox (Oldest form of Christianity) and Other groups(Mormons) believe that you can become "like" God.  Not that you will ever be Jesus Christ or God(the father), But become like God and have all that he has - thus becoming part of the Elohim, or in simply plain English,Individual Humans can become a god.

My main point is Don't throw God out with the bathwater because you think that Gods can't be created


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