Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nemelka's Defense

I was reading this thread about Christopher Marc Nemelka and his works, It was an anti- Nemelka Thread

That anyone would even wade through his "sealed portion" is beyond me. From what I understand, he's trying to get people to read and pray about it, but any Latter-day Saint who understands the chain of command knows that God's not going to bypass his established order and use some flake to pull an end-run, especially to produce such trite drival.

So if this was Nemelka's religious beliefs, sure, I'd cut the guy some slack, but a "Joseph Smith" he's not. But he does show that if Joseph Smith were a fraud, he was far more brilliant than Nemelka could ever hope to be. The way some people have dismissed the Book of Mormon, one would think its production was no big deal. But then when one reads "The Sealed Portion," it becomes clear that writing a Book of Mormon is far more complicated. After all, Nemelka has NO WITNESSES. No one saw him with a resurrected being, no one but a friend saw him write it, and it was something he worked on for a long timeâ??and unlike Joseph Smith, he had all the time he needed to work on it. No meetings, no traveling, no organizing. Yet he couldn't produce anything even remotely close to the Book of Mormon. In fact, if Joseph Smith had produced such hackneyed material, Mormonism would be a mere footnote in the religious movements of the early 1800s.

In short, Nemelka illustrates wonderfully that Joseph Smith was ordained of God, and that the Book of Mormon was of God. Nemelka made enough mistakes in his first three pages to discredit him, and it only got worse after that.
 1. Chain of Command -If you are saying that the sealed portion must come from a general authority,  Really?  Where in the Book of Mormon Or the Doctrine and Covenents that G*d specifies that it will come through "The Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."

In my Opinion you are EXACTLY like the Protestants and the Baptists that claim the Book of Mormon is NOT true --  When has there EVER been an Endless Succession of Prophets .  Did Joseph smith EVER say that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints will have exclusive rights to God's newest works from now on?

2.  No witnesses.  How do you know there are no witnesses? Can you mind read?

3. Joseph smith Vs Christopher Marc Nemelka --  Try comparing yourself to a Baptist priest from the 1830's  and just see how logical you both sound. -- To me they are Both con men Or Both true(BoM + SP)

 He still can be a con man --  But please try to give me more than opinions, Also try to read the book you are condemning --- If you care anything about truth and what actually happens.

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