Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is Esperanto Worth my time?

Mi pensis ke tio mi bezonas plu laboro kun mi Esperanto, kvankam cxu estas esperanto vere valero mia tempon?

I think that I require more work on my esperanto, Although is esperanto really worth my time?

1. Learn How to learn a new language
2. New internet friends

1. Spend off and on a year and a half and still want to be better.
2. Hardly anyone in to talk to face to face (at least my age in US)
3. Funny comments from cops

Should I cut my losses and start learning Spanish?


Kraut said...

Yes, it is worth your time. I learned it while in high school and met a guy from Europe in college who didn't know English well but had learned Esperanto in Europe. It really helped him to be able to communicate with me. You never know when you'll be able to use it. and with the internet ...

ChrissoMerry said...

I say learn as many languages as possible in life. Learn a bit of Spanish and a bit of Esperanto. Even if it gets complicated when you start, any amount of language learning will train the mind to absorb and interpret knowledge quite easily. Indeed, any time we get confused about a concept, be it mathematics or otherwise, the brain is merely just trying to get its head around strange new words 9 times outa 10. (this relates to learning for ages and wanting to be better - the mind will always want this with even your native language, it just blames the language your learning more because it knows that it's a problem with knowing new words, with your native language, your mind tricks itself into thinking the concept you're learning itself must be hard (which is often not true).

Also: "ĉu esperanto vere valoras mian tempon" is the better thing to say :) Keep at learning, whether it be EO or ES ;)

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