Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arrow's Murder

I can Prove in a court of law,  That Jill ًُWallerstead Used her influence with the Local Police
to STEAL and then eventually KILL my Therapy Dog Named Arrow.

When I arrived in Isla Vista CA, a few Years ago with Arrow,  I had paperwork declaring that I was
in a medical situation where I needed the thearapy that Arrow provided me.

As Jill got to know Arrow for herself,  she began calling the police on me just so she could have him
all to herself.  -- All other Homeless Dog owners are allowed to give up thier dog to a friend when they get arrested.

Before I left to Las Vegas in September 09  She Agreed to give me Arrow after 3 months of "Correctly Behaving myself"
Which she has absolutely NO right or any kind of Medical Training to give me that ultimatum.

Anyways After 3 month's of "Correctly Behaving"   She then Refused to hand me MY DOG back,  With out any kind of
reason herself. 

Shortly After that in March I arrived Back in IV, CA  ONLY to get my dog back,
She Refused to give him back to me without any reason. 

Then While I was living as her neighbor in IV  Arrow started acting up against her male dog,  then
she put him up for adoption  without even contacting me. AND SHE SPECIFICALLY TOLD THE ADOPTION PLACE NOT TO ALLOW ME OR ANY OF MY FRIENDS ADOPT HIM

After I found out that she put him for adoption she told me that she had taken all of my Rights away and that is that.

Jill is Employed by ST.Athanasius / ST Bridgets    she help's organize the coffee and toast Mon-Fri.   Which was the ONLY contact with arrow she had until she started Calling the police.
She stole arrow under this capacity and IS PAID BY THE ABOVE CHURCH.

Let her claim that she had a Legitimate Right in Calling the Police those multiple times.   She will look Very stupid in court,  since she never saw me do anything that requires that,   Every time she called the police she called them on Hearsay -- or what other's tell her.

I want to be as mean as fuck - Since Yesterday she told me to go talk to  FR. John about arrow and she has no
responsibility from here on out.

I want to Press Criminal Charges against Jill Wallerstead, AND Civil Charges.
I Also want to Press Civil Charges against ST.Bridgets and St. Athanasius.  Because they should be responsible
for the actions of their PAID EMPLOYEE"S.

I Just want them to spend all there money on Lawyers,  No organization has the right to rape my dog away from me and murder it just so some slut can get her rocks of on my $13,500  Dog.

OR I just want arrow today,  He may not be dead yet. 
she said she dropped him off here
Dog Adoption and Welfare Group (DAWG) in Santa Barbara  A MONTH AGO

SENT JAN 6 2010 By JILL WALLERSTEAD AFTER BRIAN's Demands for the return of Arrow
Hi Brian,
I am sending you some photos so you can see that Arrow is happy. I don't want you to worry about him. I also want to ask you if you could see fit to let me adopt him. I don't want to hurt you in any way. He has been a special and awesome part of your life. He has lived with me for so long now that he just fits in here and he is very attached to Sadie and Magellan. He is happy and joyful and loving. He only has problems with strangers who remind him of life in the park (he will bite without warning anyone who comes into our yard if he thinks they look suspicious). And he gets nervous and panicky when he is separated from me (he wouldn't even let my daughter take him on a run when it meant leaving me behind while I was walking.)  I never intended this, Brian, though I can see how you would think I did. Its just been so many months of a safe, secure routine for him, and he had a lot of trauma on the streets before this, even though you tried to take good care of him. Will you consider this?  Jill

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