Monday, May 31, 2010

Farkle or 10,000

A Dice Game named farkle.   This is a very fun game with 6 dice.

Must have 750 Points to get on the board
Roll a One = 100 p
Roll a Five = 50p
Roll three one's = 1000p
All other tripples = Face value X 100 eg three 7's = 700 points
Roll 1-5 and 2-6 = 1000p
Roll 1-6 = 2000p
3 doubles = 1500p

NO ones or five on a roll = FARKLE
When all 6 dice have value Roll again and add points.

Eg..  If i Rolled a 1,55,66  I would keep the 1 and re-roll the other 5 dice
{1} 4441  That is {100p} + 400p + 100p =600p  and Rolling so i would(and be forced to)  pick all 6 dice roll again and add up the points.  Keep rolling untill farkle or i want to stay.  so the next roll i get 111556 thats 1000p +{600p} for 1600 I would keep the score for that turn and pass the dice.  ready for the next turn.  After I hit 10,000 points  the other teammates get 1 more chance to beat my high score.

Happy Farkling !!!


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