Monday, April 5, 2010

✩★ Regarding a Lernu Forum Post

Regarding this Forum post in Lernu

It is talking about "Is Esperanto really important enough for politics to focus on - considering the current Economical Crisis?"

I Live Outside. The US Government has Declared me 51/50 So I am Unemployable. anyone that does a "credit check" for employment (every Corporation in USA) will Never Hire me.

EO is important as EVER that times are tough. It is my understanding that what makes the Economy of anything go up is called TRADE !!

How the Hell are you going to "trade" if people start Refusing to Learn English?

Tonight It rained. I Sleepd in a sleeping bag, with a tarp over it. I can't have a Tent because I am afraid of the Fucking Cops Finding my "Illegal Hideout". Then giving me a $150 ticket. (that I will not pay and in about 3 month's when they have a mass Homeless cleanup. I'll go to jail for a night to pay for my sin's to Society)

It is Illegal To be Homeless in USA. Ask the ACLU in Santa Barbara CA. They are fighting what is called "Camping Tickets" But they should be called "Stupid Political Attempt of encouraging the Homeless to magically live somewhere where they are not an eyesore, That way It is not my responsibility to think, I'd rather pretend that it is %100 my Skill (not resources) that will prevent me from living like that. I just feel Uncomfortable to be reminded of what *COULD* happen to me if I don't start treating others with equallity. I'd Much rather think that I am better and smarter than that bum asking for quarters"


ceigered skribis:
- Credit check is to see if you have debt, correct? How does this affect employment?
In america, in order to get Hired, you Must give them your Social Security Number, Whole Name, and DOB. corporations and managers use that information to do a Background Check -- Which a Credit Check is Part of.

Your right My Future perfomance has nothing to do with past performance, But as an employer I want a general idea of future performance. Remember to the USA Human Being = SSN + DOB + FULL NAME + CREDIT + ASSETS

Some employers run credit checks on prospective employees. I don't really get the reasoning behind this, but they do it nonetheless. The notion of privacy is becoming outdated in the U.S.

How do the homeless survive in America if they get fined and sent to jail for being homeless (I take it there is no concept of "common land" in the US)?
I don't know what the legal concept of "common land" entails, but there are only a few public places in the U.S. where the homeless can hang out at during the day, e.g. public libraries. However, many if not most places one would think of as "public" are actually privately owned, e.g. malls, Wal-Marts, churches, etc, and they will call the cops in a heartbeat if some homeless guy is "trespassing" there.
You are right, In the 60's there was what was a park called Tent City. That was before IV became Valuable Real Estate. And well Tent City is Theoretically Bad for the Neighboring Property Values.

Goodbye Tent-City.


How do Homeless Survive(in IV, CA)? 
The question is how do they eat.
Well in IV 1/4 Eat Cheap Alcohol
2/4+ Rely on Church (me)
I get Mon-Fri Coffee and Bagels for Breakfast (ST. Bridgets)
Mon-Fri Lunch (ST.Marks)
Mon Dinner (ST.Athanasius
Sat Lunch & Sun Breakfast: Community Action Board (UCSB- Students -- Mostly from a Non-Denominational Christian Church)
Sunday Dinner: Food not Bombs. Very Hippy Organization started in SF.

Isla Vista California is the best place I have found to be homeless.

The Rest of the Homeless(1/3 maybe) get about $200- $1,000 Because of Disability. I receive $75 a week in Social Security.

Clothing: Isla Vista Parks and Rec, Has what's called a Freebox it is a wooden Box 4feet by 8 feet in front of the dept. That people put used clothing in, any anybody including students rummage thru it. It is well kept, by the community.

This is a better system than Goodwill etc, I never find Unwashed donated material. But I guess that would


Well I am currently teaching Esperanto to 3 "Bums" . The Bum's that don't drink don't have much else to do. So it's fun for us to learn a "Secret Language"

I Bet you Everything that the EO movement could achieve Fina Verka ONLY IF THEY STOP LOOKING FOR GOVERNMENT TO DO IT FOR THEM..

Government can Help, but SOMEONE has to take the Lead. And Give the Leaders no Choice, and Easy- To - Follow Instruction


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