Monday, May 24, 2010

More on Arrow

As we discussed when you were Living in Las Vegas,  I made Legal Inquires regarding Arrow.  If Jill cannot produce Legally Binding Documents showing legal transfer of Arrow to her possession, you should file a Criminal Complaint for Felony Theft.  And if she is now transferring ownership of Arrow a Complaint of Felony Conversion of Property should be filed.  And following that, Civil Complaints against her personally and against the Church as she is employed by the Church and was acting as their agent.
From Jill's CV it doesn't appear that she has the credentials to make the kinds of determinations she claims.  You certainly have many friends who can testify that you took "More than adequate" care of Arrow while he was in possession.  And I believe that Jill's emails to you which we have preserved strongly work against any argument she might want to marshal.
I would forward this email to Jill as the first and best legal advice was to try to settle out of court first.  But failing that, the advice was to "hit hard and hit fast" [legally. of course].  One Attorney said she'd assist Pro Bono.
Dog Adoption and Welfare Group
5480 Overpass Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

You had no right to accept Arrow,  He was stolen from me and I am in the process of filing Criminal and Civil Court cases against
the woman that stole him and gave him to you.  (Jill Wallerstead).

Your Organization has refused to allow the owner of Arrows Mom and Dad Custody of Arrow.   Kerry Fannin is a Social worker for Utah.
that Takes BABIES from parents.

Please be ready to Release Arrow on Jun 3 to Kerry Fannin OR I will File a lawsuit against the Dog Adoption and Welfare Group.  For Keeping a
STOLEN DOG.  and Refusing the rightful owners of that dog Ownership.

Brian Carpenter

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