Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Book of Mormon, If True, Means the Church May Be True, Not Must Be True

From A Popular Momon Author

The Book of Mormon, If True, Means the Church May Be True, Not Must Be True: "One person recently complained of his LDS father who wouldn't consider anti-LDS arguments because of his testimony of the Book of Mormon. His belief in the divine origins of the Book of Mormon gave him a mindset based on the 'absolute assumption that the church is true.' It's fair to recognize, however, that a true Book of Mormon does not necessarily mean that modern Church is 100% true, nor that all actions of the Church and its leaders are correct.

Indeed, our RLDS friends and several other groups derived from Mormonism, as well as the occasional non-LDS minister, have concluded that the Book of Mormon is true without recognizing the LDS Church is necessarily true. But a world in which a real Angel Moroni and real gold plates were translated miraculously by the power of God offers quite a different lens for interpreting the subsequent actions of Joseph Smith and the later journey of the Church than does a world in which Joseph was a con-man collaborating with other remarkably loyal con-men who were prepared to go to their graves loyal to their scheme. A true Book of Mormon does not mean that the Church must be true, but that it may be. A divinely inspired Book of Mormon opens the possibility that those who interpret apparent errors and even obvious shortcomings of Joseph Smith with the assumption that he was a fraud may be making an mistake and missing the possibility of other more gentle interpretations of events, witnesses, and records.

Just a simple thought to keep in mind."

✩★ If you ask me (Talisman) Joseph Smith was shot by Brigham Young.  Just so he could take JS Following and be the Leader of the LDS Church.     Look at BY writings.  I have - there is a whole encyclopedia of BY teachings.  None of it make sense or is memorable.(Or has anything to do with Bringing one closer to G-D)  Trust me,  I spent most of my Bible Belt Mission Reading books from the (mormon) church's library's. ✩★ FARMS THIS !!!


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