Saturday, April 3, 2010

✩★ Moleskin + Verda Soldato

If you have not heard of these notebooks.  They are the best

I have Sent them this message today:

Name of Companies Involved in Esperanto + Moleskine
Company Of Contact Talisman 
Talisman is a Company that Produces Events for Non-Profits and For-Profits
Point of Contact Brian Carpenter:
Other Company's Involved in Esperanto + Moleskine
country of origin;
Talisman Lives in Santa Barbara California, USA.   However It is our goal to sell these Esperanto Moleskins in every Country.   Esperanto speakers are most dense in Europe,  But people from all around the world speak and learn Esperanto

Why Moleskin?,  Moleskin is a really cool notebook, for sale in the USA for about $14 It is of good quality and great technology.  The deal I want (With Moleskine) is to be able to sell the moleskins for about $20 with, about 30 pages of Esperanto Grammar  pre-printed on the pages.,  Then Have flashcards (With color coding from that you can keep in its cool side pocket.

 Un-Educated that want to be Educated.  In Every Part of the world Through Technology.  Non-Profit 501(c3)
- the type of notebook you are interested in.
 is the soft skin 4inch by 3inch (approx.) Lined.
Again I would like to have the first 30 pages (Front and Back 60 printed pages total) with a Pre-Printed Esperanto Course Modified from
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