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★✩ James Randi VS Christopher Marc Nemelka

Christopher Marc Nemelka Claims that He is a Prophet of G*d, He Claims that he has the same or similar prophetic abilities as someone like Moses Joseph Smith, Peter, John the Revelator, and Other Prophets of G*D.

He however does not advocate a Religion. He does however have claims that he was able to bring forth knowledge from more than what a normal human has.

One of his claims is that he has the Umim and Thumumm a device that is more advanced than a computer.

Christopher Mark Nemelka also Claims to have his "dendrites" Open or in some way more developed than the rest of us.

Furthermore Christopher Marc Nemelka also Challenges anyone to his "work".

James Randi is a Magician that uses his "Common Sense" to find the TRUTH about Psychics and other Peoples with More+than+human abilies. In fact James Randi also has a challenge that has much more "real world" weight.

James Randi's Million dollar Challenge

So why has Christopher not already taken James Randi's offer. Don't Bullshit with me and say he doesn't know about Jame's offer.

The Answer is that Chris is allergic to Money . If he does anything for Money his powers will be sucked out of him.

this is a legitimate "kryptonite" .

But I don't think James Randi is testing the claims of the supernatural for *ONLY* the money. I'm sure that thier can be a way that *BOTH* challenges can be challenged.

I AM NOT ASKING HIM TO CUT HIS ARM OFF AND PUT IT BACK ON . Any stupid Magician can do that!

However James Randy does not Test Spiritual or Religious Beliefs
2.5 Why can’t I submit a religious or spiritual claim?

Because they are, for the most part, untestable. For example, you can look at a series of events – say surviving an automobile crash, surviving a plane crash, surviving a near-drowning and say “This was the hand of God,” but the point of the Challenge isn’t to give anecdotal evidence. It is to give something testable. Most religious people believe it’s impossible to test God. We’re pretty sure they’re right, though perhaps for different reasons

BUT Chris is not advocating a religion in any way, Maybe Spiritual Beliefs. But he has said a couple of things that "ARE" testable.

RE: James Randi
The things that should be able to be proven without interference from the "GODS";
1. does he posses advanced technology (Urum and Thummum)
Is it Possible to "Prove" though science that 1 author wrote a book 1500 years ago, and 1 man was able to "translate" 1/3 of that book (Joseph Smith). then 150 or more years latter another man was able to "translate" the other 2/3.

It should be technically possible to find out if the Original Author is the same given 2 different data sets. without the Source Material. Much the same way as

A + B = C
A = B -C
B = A - C

Given the Source Material is Agreed to be "theGoldenPlates" by the 2 translators. Imagine it is possible through science that an author is the author of 2 different translated works. How does this "prove with common sense" that Christopher has abilities that he would not have without interference from more Advanced Beings?
Well I guess if I was a computer I would have no concept of the social "weight" of the source material. Nor would the ideas in the "source Material" influence my proofometer.

So most likely James Randi won't come up with a "test" for Christopher Marc Nemelka, HOWEVER I CHALLENGE ANY MORMON OR ANTI MORMON in "Talismans" Test. However Logic can *Proof* something that may be considered Supernatural in of itself.

Lets play around with variables a little bit.

Lets Assume that we can prove that Joseph Smith translated A BOOK from some source material (another book) (Is it possible to prove one translated a book?)

Imagine I was writing a computer program to figure out the relationship between the Golden Plates, Joseph Smith and Chris Nemelka

Function $goldenplates
Book of Mormon = DATA
Sealed Portion = DATA
Authors =HumanID( Nephi, Mormon and Moroni)

$JosephBOM = 'Book of Mormon' FROM $goldenplates ;
$ChrisSealedPortion = 'Sealed Portion' FROM $goldenplates ;

If $JosephBOM->Authors == $ChrisSealedPortion->Authors
'Christopher Marc Nemelka' has same Calling as 'Joseph Smith'

Simply put If you can proof that the source material comes from the same author(s) you can proof that Christopher Marc Nemelka has the same Calling (which is currently undefined to the computer) as Joseph Smith.

Don't tell me that does not get Honest Seekers of the truth excited.


I am sure there is much more sophisticated programs out there that can tell you more metadata about 2 books



fearfullooking said...
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fearfullooking said...

As one who has followed James Randi and his Million Dollar Challenge for years, I was very interested in your thoughts concerning proving Christopher Nemelka via the Million Dollar Challenge. For those of us who are motivated my money, your post makes sense. But for Christopher it would not. As described with precision in the Sealed Portion, Christopher "shall possess none of the things of this world," nor shall any of these things be important tor him: and "he shall not seek for money or power or the honors and glories of men . ... TSP 87:87-88. One will have to put Christopher to the challenge the old fashion way ... read and ponder the books written by Christopher, which are the works of his Marvelous Work and a Wonder ( They will MAKE SENSE to the humble seeker of happiness, and bring them peace, and joy, and a sense of their true humanity. In any event, the Million Dollar Challenge has been temporarily withdrawn by Mr. Randi's foundation. It will be reestablished next year with different parameters.

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