Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want to sue

I think I can prove that STBridgets and ST Athanasius is in a conspiracy to keep me down. They don't want me to succeed. Any time they as Father John, Jill Wallerstead, and Nicky just want to keep me homeless, believing their own bullshit and projections. I don't know what they think All I know is the way each person treats me is of great deal of ranges. I try to not care as much but most defiantly the ones that piss me off the most are the ones close to the "System" Since my life is about knowing the truth, primarily about god. is that i am either proving with my life, that A. I've been Hypnotized or Mind Rapped by The Sealed Portion, And know that I do tell people about it and they don't understand it's value. I have even talked to a popular mormon blogger about it and he has not returned my e-mails. Why in Virgina mormon people have to teach about why the bible just isn't enough communication with god. OK Technically Sueing is against the teachings of Moroni, But why then did the translator of it sue the LDS church? is it because you can sue Company's? If that is the case I want to sue Peter Benidict, with being my payee, and not helping me a bit. I asked Him a month ago for money and he has not givin to me, I don't know why my own payee can't and is fact hurting me by letting me starve. FUck you to the System and I want to sue God, But I cant do that directy So I's Sue the saint's So find somebody that has used a Saint Talisman. you know a picture or name of a saint. we can sue those guys. Nah, How about suing balloon animals. I don't know but help me sue in a comical way, a way in which everybody and expesially the media something they want to talk about

But in reallity why the fuck do I have to starve when I do in fact have Social Security


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