Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear Brian

Dear Brian,

I owe you an apology and here it is.
I am sorry that I called the Foot Patrol that day, and that the mental health lady took you back into the hospital. I am sorry that you missed the conference. I will help you get all your money refunded when you are back in town.
Brian, I was worried about you. Three people told me that you were not acting like your usual self that morning, and that you had taken one of the church toys from the yard to another place. After I talked to you, you were so angry that I thought someone might hurt you again. So I called the Foot Patrol so they could talk to you. The Foot Patrol called CARES, and the mental health lady made the decision to send you to the hospital. I did not make this decision, it is not what I wanted to have happen.
You can call me Thursday or Friday if you want, or you can email me. Brian, I am your friend, and I will not call the Foot Patrol on you again without your permission. Jill


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Brian Carpenter
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Please listen to my music while you read this

Dear Jill, I am willing to accept any challenges GOD throws at me, True be it yours was the most difficult in the world to escape. I know you love me, and I know that you love god. Please let all other stupid information stay stupid or better yet heal somebody close to you, maybe Nicki; She thinks and well thinking is hard don't you think?

Is it OK with you that I post your Apology On my blog? I think you got something to say.

listen to some music

I don't know If I can Get the money back Legally I paid for it and just did not attend. By the way I new I was going away when I saw a dead lizard.

I read god like Music.

The only reason why GOD told me to move the toy boat to the Mormon Institute was; well, their confused you choose.
I love our girl !!!

Your the Almond Queen, Father Time say's It must be good.

To be honest I think it a NLP loop. that's something under Hypnosis.

This lady is teaching me how to write a Childrens screenplay

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