Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anti Mormon Moroni

I was mormon, for a while I even went on a mission to richmond virginia. I had a lot of lively debates concerning the perfection of the bible (the word bible is greek for many books)
I quit the mormon church because quite frankly i thought mormoni's promise was a hypnosis trick. and it is. Except for Moroni's promise in the sealed portion. However upon returning to California from richmond I became an atheist. Then i read the sealed portion. I already knew a thing or two about the etymology of the word Jesus Christ. But I think the Anti-mormon Moroni said it best

12 And according to these cultures and
traditions, we have been taught the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, this gospel is not
called the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the
traditions and customs of the many different
peoples of the world.

13And it doth not matter to the Lord in what
name he is called, for it is his desire to give unto
all the laws of his gospel, let these laws be called
by whatever name they might be called. And
also, let him be called by whatever name he may
be called according to the different cultures and
traditions of the children of men.


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