Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Cops took my Zyprexa - My Mental Health Medication

The Cop's told me today that they are not ecstatic that I am here, and should go somewhere else.
The Cop's Took my medication from me - Because the ACT Team (and Father John) gave me 
my zyprexia without cop-proof abilities.

Before I came to IV somebody say'd it is illegal to smoke in the park (just to get the Homeless out as most are smokers)

I was smoking in the park which the Landlords of IV say is illegal (which IV is Unincorporated How can they pass a 
"no Smoking in the park" statute?)

In addition even if it is illegal to smoke in the Park, there are no signs posted that says so, So Am I expected to be psychic or so.

I got 3 citations today and plan on fighting all of them to the point of Annoying.  You see the "people" expect me to forget it and 
go to jail for a warrant to take "care of it" as is the habit with most homeless. Most if not all "tickets" get squashed this way.

Ok since I am on probation they searched my backpack which had the Medication that the ACT team (the ACT team are supposed to give me my medication and is a service for the homeless)

The bottle that I was given was not labeled to the cop's specifications, and he told me if i could show a prescription RIGHT NOW he would not take my medication (zyprexa) and not give me a ticket.

What am I expected to get this shit tattoo'd on my body to please the court?

This is ridicules and plan on "wasting" the time of the court All the way, If I am found guilty and sentanced to jail so fucking be it.  At least I "fought" back.
These 3 tickets I am not worried about and my defense is the following

Substance w/o prescription 
 taking it away from me is Cruel and Unusual Punishment and I want to sue. it was given to me under "proper" authority,

11357(b) Has possesion less than 1 oz of marijuana
I Had a prescription in  the past - and will get another one by the time court rolls out.

Pardon me make that only 2 citations - they actually did not give me a citation for "smoking in the park" although my friend did.

I hope she fights this oppression and False Law

Anyway's because I am "Undesirable" I am being treated differently from the "students"

There are 3 reasons why I am here.
Santa Barabara is Awesome (-the popo)
I am Auditing Classes at UCSB - You know so I can learn something and be "productive" to those that call me "vagrant"
The Beach and Weather

PS When I mean the False Law say's No Smoking in the park they are (also) reffering to tabbaco smoking, and a poll will  prove that it is indeed something they just tell the homeless to help "Iviction"

I do want a lawer as I will be continually harrased as they use fake laws to govern themselves, and don't even know the law themselves. 

Please come to Isla Vista and Stand with me - I'll dip into my limited money to get you here.

The Cop's don't even know what Freedom of Speech is here and have told me that I will go to jail if "he" calls the pollice several times by different officers.   The Control of my "Freedom" is in the hands of the Landowner. not the constitution According to several "officers"


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