Friday, January 14, 2011

Broomstick Sting and Fellony- Resurection of Rules for Radicals - Treated Less than 0

Recently I spent $2,500 Bailing myself out of Jail.

I found a Black Broomstick on the ground and I picked it up
and was playing a little with it when almost immediately I was
Aprehended by the police.

As soon as I saw this One Cop Biasa I took out my licence and put it in my mouth.  The cop that arrested me was very brutal and was TRYING to get me to resist.  After I was handcuffed he kicked my legs apart and pulled back on my hands and told me to cooperate.

I told him that he is not in my body and do you know that my muscles and tendons are already as taught as they can be.

It really pisses me off,   First of all I did not deserve the Jail time, (and If I did not have the money I would be still in jail - using your taxpayers dollars to barely eat, and well a lot of sleep.)

I can't believe they arrest (with a fellony Charge) everyone that ventures outside with a broomstick.

This whole system makes me sick,  - And It is Deffenatly NOT Innocent till proven guilty,  I have Months ahead to go to court,  And After I win I plan on sueing for Unlawful Incarcartian.

The Cop that Arrested me (biasa) Takes pleasure joking "at" me everytime he arrests me.   Normally when I get to the judge I say "No Contest"  Just to get out of jail.  Then I recieve my Unsuprivized Probation.

In Utah I said "No Contest" to a pot charge just to get it over with and the judge said that was a good reason to say "No Contest"

I took that with me to California..  and as Every time I swear I was in front of the judge I said no contest to get out of jail (without bail).  That has resulted in me having 2 unsupervised probations.  Which doesn't require me to report or get tested or anything.

The Consequence of having these "Unsupervised Probation's "  Has come later.

the last court apperence the DA offerd to reduce my so called Fellony to a misdemeanor If I spend 180 days in Jail.

On the 28 my Public Defense atorney and the DA will look at the Broomstick and probably try to offer something else.  - I will not take any jailtime and wish that I would not even consider a lesser deffence.  I guess going to court once a month for a while is fine.

Quite Frankly I may have spooked the arresting officer After He arrested me (With me its Arrest First - Ask Later, )

While I was on the Hood of the car I told the Popo that I should get another medical therapy dog (They stole mine).  Walk into the restraunts and establishements around here --- get kicked out then sue them.

It still pisses me off that everytime I see them (the PoPo) they ask me if I am on my medication.
I just want to say it's none of your FUCKING BUSINESS!!

the Professor Wrote this book rules for radicals,  But the cause is just personal.  Then again the Homeless are expected to pick themselves up and stay out of sight of the Normal Humans, While (If proven to need Social Security) its not enough to even rent a room.  Barely enough for a week of food.

And We can't sleep anywhere for the cops will give us a ticket, 

- In Utah there are signs that say "Don't give money to the Homeless - For there are programs."

Well I was in Utah - and applied for the "programs"   All I got was sent to the psychiatrist.  NO help of any Kind... Just figure it out for yourself,  But let me tell you just how many Full Time employees I had to meet and interview just to try to get some food.

(I eventually got a job at Wallmart- then got fired the day after my Utah court date of No-Contest to Pot, apparently this is public information and Walmart wants to fire those that smoke pot OFF THE JOB)  

Yes Biasa Does not like me,  During one Conversation I told him I did not give a Rat's ass If I am annoying you,  I am not doing anything Illegal.
It really did piss him off -  and Now I am being treated like I am Guilty automatically on anything these Foot Patrol Uniform Idiots say,  

And It cost's me $2,500 just to have freedom from there lies, and maybe explain myself someday to 12.  

Then there won't be any kind of Sorry or anything,  Everything is Just COLD

I don't know what to do,   But I do think I will try to make the papers.

I am going to try to invite MORE homeless Here In IV.  There aren't that many and today the SB Newspapers are writing more about it. 

I just need help,  There is plenty of food, and it would really Piss off the local community, (Basically the Landlords and the Poloticians that Run the Local PD called the Foot Patrol)

I just wish I had some kind of protection from these Lying Bastards.

It is just not fair- I am forced to be Humiliated by EVERY cop, they always think they are so Superior to me and my fellow houseless.  I guess that's what happens when you get an Easy $75,000 + a year. 

Somehow Your Bank account Qualifies you as a human?


When I showed up to the hearing (3rd) where the attorneys "talk" about my weapon in front of the judge - a Pig threw me out.  I am supposed to be there or else right? He threw me out because I did not have my contact lenses and i sat in the front row that apparently was reserved.  He just say'd get up and follow me.  then he sat me down outside and asked me why i did not see the sign.  I told him I was blind -- The KnowItAll say'd your not blind and then escorted me out of the building.  WTF I am being prevented from hearing my own god damn case,  They want to be downright evil cunts.  Lukily as the arrogant cop was escorting me outside I saw my public defender. he told me to wait in his office.

-> The DA eventually Dropped the Case 

And so summorize this they tried to give me a felony for piking up Trash,  Yes I was en-route to the trash in the park.  - What if I needed a cain to walk? Any god damn excuse to torture you to "GET OUT" right.  Oh and as soon as the case was dissmised I moved to Riverside, and a shared room and later started Occupying.

Oh  I still do feel like lighting myself on fire in front of the Santa Barbara Courthouse. 

And no I don't believe I am suicidal as clinically you need a Time, Place, and Method.  

I have no plans to LIGHT MYSELF ON FIRE anytime soon.

That'll Psych you out in the End. 


Anonymous said...

Hey bro. I hear you. I had a similar experience here in Fresno Ca. those fucking cops are asholes. I got tazed, beat up by 10 cops to the point of going to hospital and charged with 6 counts of fellony for no reason.Only thing they told me was to put my hands behind my back and didnt even give me a chance to do that before they jumped on me. Be careful dont do anything stupid. they will be asholes no matter what.

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