Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LL Zamenhof 150th Naskigtago Birthday

Hodiaŭ estas LL. Zamenhoff naskitago
Today is LL.Zamenhoffs Birthday,

Google is celebrating his birthday with the Esperanto flag on their logo
Google estas festanta de la emblemo

So this has increased the number of searches for LL Zamenhoff Considerably
Do ĉi tio estis pliig numeroj de la serĉojn por LL Zamenhoff tre multe

Nun li nomo estas #3 sur google "hot searches" 5:36 pst
Now his name is #3 on google's "hot searches" 5:36 pst

Something I don't think has happend.
Aĵo mi ne scias okazis.

Tamen: (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zamenhof_Day )

Some Esperanto speakers, not wanting to over-celebrate the achievements of a single man, have suggested celebrating December 15 as Esperanto Literature Day instead. Thus they encourage Esperanto organizations that hold gatherings on that day to add a book review or poetry reading to the program or to announce the publication of a new book. On an individual level, one can buy or start reading a new book or in some other way celebrate Esperanto literature.

Mi estas unua komencanto de esperanto tamen tre bona ligilo estas.
I am a beginner of esperanto However really good links to learn are.

The main reason why I learned Esperanto in the first place is to get over the language hump it is knowledge that your 2nd language is your hardest to learn. Esperanto is Perfect to overcome that problem as it is mostly vocabulary thanks to the 16 rules of grammer, I decided based on the research that 6 months of learning this language would be greatly beneficial, I am surprised at what in addition I have for me on this green rainbow.

From http://pupeno.com/blog/150-years-ago/

Esperanto is probably the easiest to learn usable language out there. The Institute of Cybernetic Pedagogy at Paderborn compared how long it would take French speaking people to learn different languages to reach the same level:2000 hours studying German1500 hours studying English1000 hours studying Italian150 hours studying Esperanto
  • 2000 hours studying German
  • 1500 hours studying English
  • 1000 hours studying Italian
  • 150 hours studying Esperanto

Yes, a tenth of the time it takes to learn English and less than that when compared to German. And something very interesting happens here. The third language you learn takes less effort than the second one.

If you want to learn another language, let’s say, German, it’ll take you less time to learn Esperanto and then learn German than to just learn German. Yes, you’ve read right. Less time to learn two languages than one.

That experiment was done by teaching one year of Esperanto and four of French to some students while five of French to others. The amount of time studying was the same but those that spoke Esperanto first reached a better French level. So even if you never utter a single Esperanto word out there, it makes economical sense to learn it first, before you learn another language.

According to Doodlewatch.com the logo appeared in the following 33 countries:

China,Japan,South Korea,Hong Kong ,Taiwan,Italy,Armenia,Austria,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belarus, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, France ,Greece,Moldova, Netherlands,Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia,Turkmenistan, USA,Chile ,Argentina,Colombia, Mexico

http://lernu.net/ good for Knowledge of Esperanto: Bona por scio de esperanto
http://smart.fm/ Absolute must for studying and gaining vocabulary, (Search for Esperanto)
http://traduku.net Great translator ; Bona Tradukilo ★✩


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