Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Balloon Fundraiser

As the Leprechaun King, I want to do the biggest Balloon event ever held. I am talking about releasing 2 million biodegradable balloons up into the universe. Each balloon represents a child's departure from this world. Currently I am looking for the cxefourbo or the chief city in which I will do this balloon release. I am also looking for satellite balloon releases. I am looking for schools that want an easy way to provide funds for their local needs. I will walk any organizer step by step on a live video learning website that is the future.

The leprechauns next mission is to get enough volunteers, and paid associates to make this balloon event successful. when the leprechaun's put on events we make it so easy to work its actually fun.

It should only take about 3 months of planning and about 3 weeks of advertising.

Some of the shoes that need filled are organizintoj or organizers, These people are responsible for getting businesses involved with the souvenir program and with the ticket sales team. I have a more in depth book of instructions located in's content section, search for fundraising.

The idea is simple, we contact local business and convince them to buy an Advertisement in the souvenir program, then we use these funds to pay our costs in putting on the event. Then we sell tickets and every ticket sold is profit. The leprechauns are asking %12 of the profit. And I guarantee if you follow my simple outlined plan you will make more without spending any of your own money.

If you have any questions email me at Or search for leprechaun at


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